20 May, 2010

Whiny Angsty Rant #001

* I got made fun of for being to nice today.  More like mimicked.

* My hair did not want to cooperate today.  I tried to straighten it out, but it was still poofy.  Had to resolve with putting it up in a bun.  Again.  For the fifth time.

* I tried to tell a friend she talks about her crush all the time and not letting me speak, but as I was about to do so, she wrote me a note asking me if I thought her crush looked okay today.

* I got stuck grading papers for three hours, while everyone else had free time.  All because my teacher for that period was out sick, and since we didn’t have permission (technically) to be out, the entire Yearbook Comittee (that’s the class) had to stay inside the computer lab.  Doing nothing.  Except me and another girl.  We got the lovely task of grading papers.

* I’m going through a hard time right now and my best friend won’t answer his phone.  So I have to text my sister.  She won’t answer.  I have to go to measures like text other people I know, whom don’t reply either.  I text my mom.  She gets the text.

* I want to go to BORDER’s.  I can’t go to BORDER’s without a ride.

* Blockbuster is closing its doors. Stupid Redbox that doesn’t even have my favorite movies.


  1. sounds like a bad day :(! on the bright side the weekend is coming, and then maybe you can go to Borders!!

  2. Sounds like you had a bad day. You should always be nice!! Even if someone makes fun of you...they are just mean!

  3. Yeah, only mean people make fun of nice people. Therefore, you should always be nice ^^,

  4. I'm sorry:( It's good to be nice!
    I shall tell you a joke....

    Two peanuts, walking down the road, one was salted and one was not ahahahaha

    hope that helped^^


Thank you, pal.