12 September, 2011

How To Moronically Do Nothing During A Blackout

San Diego, Orange County, some parts of Arizona, and all of Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico) had a major blackout on the 8th, starting at around 3:38.  My mom and I were driving back from Kentucky Fried Chicken (I know) and suddenly all the stoplights turned off.  Thankfully, we were on the road just as the stop lights went off (I heard that people stayed almost hours getting home, since people were stuck trying to take turns crossing a stop light.)

Anyway, apparently the electricity went out all over the county, so it was probably serious.  My parents and I just grabbed a zillion candles (provided by moi—perks of being an amateur pyromaniac) and set them all over the house to light as soon as it started getting dark.  With no computer, television, light, working fridge, I acted like a dead woman and laid on the floor of my room and took pictures of everything.  I'm sure the 50+ macro pictures of my carpet are piquing your interest, but I'll spare you.

Also, can you tell I’m fascinated by my hand?

Oh, and those books in piles?  I organized them.  I  organized them from the dirty piles all over my room.  Those are only half, however, the other half I managed to somehow work up the energy/braveness to place them in boxes and put them in the dark, hot garage.  Oh yeah, it was hot as heck that Thursday night.  The good news, however—I didn’t have school the next day.  Yay for blackouts!

04 September, 2011

Thinking About Thinking

Now it’s time for…  a list of unnecessary random things I think about at 8:32 in the morning! I’m sleeping on the floor of a girl’s room and since I’ve used up all of my entertainment last night, I’ve been thinking all morning.  Thinking about the randomest things.  And I’m a bit afraid to forget them, so I’ll share.

First, how strange is it that the internet was literally invented so little ago?  I mean, it was starting out (at least, being used by you and me) in the late 1990’s, and we’ve gotten so used to it and older people had to probably adapt to using the internet, a foreign device, while they were still adapting to using a computer.

Second, can I say that bloggers are kind of strange sometimes?  Bloggers complain about people being too in-the-know about their lives…when the post under the aforementioned lists the clothes they just bought and what they ate for dinner.

Third, I’ve been thinking about children and the way they think.  You always see movies or inspirational posters where children get patted on the back, and they’re told that they’re smart and they contribute to society and they’re wonderful people who should get listened to by adults more often.  And yes, as a child, I was desperate to get people to listen.  “I mean, hel-loh, I’m a human beiiiiiiiiiiiing.”  But this morning (as my friend was asleep) going through the first e-mails I ever received and sent out…  back when I was a sixth grader…  It’s just pitiful.  Reading through my old journals as a child...  I wouldn't have the patience to listen to me, either.

Fourth, this also got me thinking about parenting.  Or more specifically, the way children act at supermarkets.  What’s the correct way of stopping children from their evil ways?  Scream at them, give in and do what they want you to do, leave the store altogether?  I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this, um, moving on.

Fifth, time is scary.  To me.  Time is scary to me.  I’ve always been afraid of not being able to do what I truly want with such little time on Earth, but now it’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid to plan anything for my day, because “what if I don’t have time, what if this drags out too long, what if I get hungry, what if I pass out from locked knees, and there goes one hour”.  Speaking of hours, how scary is that?  There’s only 24 hours in one day, and there are so many miniscule things that take up one hour.  Seven hours taken up by sleeping.  An hour and a half taken up by all the separate times you eat.  Eight hours spent in school.  Two hours to do homework.  That leaves five hours to do anything.  And, I realize to some people with jobs, this sounds like a whole lot, because they spend extra hours working, or managing sports or extracurricular activities…  I don’t know, time is iffy for me.

And this has been Thinking About Thinking Unnecessarily Early In The Morning, thank you for joining us.

24 August, 2011

Today I Turn Sixteen

I could give you an extremely long detailed post about how important and how different I feel today, but to be quite honest, this morning I was awoken at 6:10 with a weary “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to—please wake up”, and I ate eggs with ham and went to school and came back and made myself my own birthday cake.

For some reason, I’ve been very nonchalant about my sixteenth.  It wasn’t until last night that I realized that I could remember exactly how my fifteenth birthday went down, that I became worried—my fifteenth birthday was the worst one ever, and I did nothing exciting.  So, last night, at 10 p.m., nauseous at my apathetic feelings towards this birthday, I popped “Sixteen Candles”, found my Molly Ringwald hat, and proceeded to “Ommmmmm” my way to sleep.

However, Sixteen Candles didn’t help.  I still wasn’t convinced I was going to have a successful day.  It did, however, remind me of how much I love Anthony Michael Hall.

Also, today’s celebrity's birthdays include:
  • Rupert Grint (how incredibly convenient, my husband and I share a birthday)
  • John Green
  • Chad Michael Murray
  • Jorge Luis Borges
So far, nothing’s changed.  Not even my chest.

17 August, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy Today

Recently, I’ve been in a poopy mood.  (To be noted:  “Poopy” is now officially part of my computer’s dictionary, how proud of me are you?)  S0 much so, not even Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (to be noted:  my favorite type of ice cream, do not forget it, this will be very important at random intervals) could cheer me up.  So, as any person who spends too much time on the internet would, I’ve decided to remind myself of things that make me happy right now.

 1. The fact that the sun still keeps shining through that window.  (How do you love the scribbles on my window?)

 2. This awesome shirt my best friend got in Israel that I got three compliments on today.

3.  Reading Mr. Poe.  Huh.  A bit contradictory, no?

 4.  Magazines to read after reading too much Poe.

  5. Pictures of six-year-old me in costumes.

 6.  Ginormous bags of candles from IKEA, which I’ve lit every single night for the past two weeks.  They stay lit for hours, it’s ridiculous!

 7.  Having twinkly lights around your bed, which help when your brain is being stubborn and won’t let you sleep.

8.  This pair of brogues I got as an early gift for my birthday—which is the only present I’m getting, since I got to go to PARIS for my birthday.  Best blessing in the world, best present ever.


9. The fact that Paul McCartney wrote this song. 

What makes you ridiculously happy?

xoxo, Jessica

05 June, 2011

My Goals for This Summer 2011


It is officially the first week of my summer break, and thank God—I am excited.  I am excited to accomplish so many things, many important to me, and others just things I know I would feel pretty awesome knowing I did them all by myself.

Finish the novel I started but neglected since November.

Read twenty books.

Travel somewhere special.

Take pictures of kind strangers.

Have a moonlight picnic with a bunch of friends—blankets under the stars, sparkling apple cider, Edith Piaf background music, M&M’s.

Fall in love (or lust?) with someone.

Hold hands with somebody special (anyone, really.)

Write everyday in my journal.

Tell strangers they look great.

Finally try Boba tea—and more flavors of hot tea.

Have a silly photoshoot with some close friends at a playground.

Learn to not simply understand French but learn how to converse.  Even if a small, insignificant conversation.

Finish crocheting my blanket.  It was supposed to be a scarf, but then I realized that I was sweating and the sun was beating in my face and—oh yeah, that’s right…—it’s summer.  So it’s turning into a cute little blanket.  (Pictured above:  My sister Casey holding up my progress, started today.)

Learn how to play poker.

Without fear, fake my name while ordering a Domino’s Pizza and pick it up.  Charlotte?  Marie?  Britney?

Go thrifting some place exciting.

04 June, 2011

Summer 2011 Feel-Good Playlist

  1. SUGAR RAYSomeday
  2. SHE & HIMDon’t Look Back
  3. MGMTKids
  4. LOU BEGAMambo No. 5
  5. SLEIGH BELLSInfinity Guitars
  6. NELLYRide Wit Me
  8. KEYSHIA COLELet it Go
  9. VAMPIRE WEEKEND—Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

04 May, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You're A California Girl!

Okay, so I'm not quite certain why I didn't think to ask before, but now the curiosity is killing me, and I must know-- are any of you from California/currently live here?

04 April, 2011

The Time I Almost Died—2nd Edition

Before I continue on with this post, I want to interrupt to update – Peeta & Gale were cast for the Hunger Games.  Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hensworth, respectively.  I do not know how I feel about this yet.  I don’t think I like it.

Anyway, moving on--

I tend to be a very dramatic person, and, while I’m not sure if this is a good way to handle it or not, I’m quite proud of it.  It’s very fun being dramatic—try it next time something incredibly horrendous happens, like someone joins the cash register line you were about to go to, or they are out of lemon pops at the market.  “Wait, you said you had a stroke because—why?”

I also do, following the dramatic side of me, “die” a lot.  And I apparently “pass out” a few times during the day, too.  Example:


FRIEND: …whut.

This happens on a daily basis, truly.  I do over-exaggerate when it comes to dying…  but today I almost died.  And I’m kind of not kidding, but I’m also being overly-dramatic again.

Today, I got to school (as usual, late).  This is what my school kind of sort of-ish looks like:


And, as you can see, my school isn’t one giant building—it’s many buildings with many classrooms, and today, I was late.  I came in through the ‘gated entrance for late idiots’ because that’s where people who are late for school scurry in from to avoid the teachers pulling us aside to let us know that we have to put our education first.  Plus, you get to your classrooms faster.  Anyway, as I was walking out in the open, contemplating the lovely California weather (how neat is it, really?), a helicopter flew above the school.  Weird—last time I saw a helicopter flying around this area was when there was a crazy guy causing trouble that they couldn’t locate (no need to panic that time, though, the guy was captured before we even had time to panic).

I continued on my path to try to get to my classroom, when the intercom bleeped.  Now, usually, the announcements only play during second period, so I was kind of surprised—but then the voice said “Teachers, staff, students—we are going on full lockdown, this is not a drill.”

At first, it was kind of hard for the information to sink in, but after a while, I realized it meant that something was definitely not okay, so I sprinted to my first period classroom.  And, woe is me, I pulled hard on the door, because at this moment, all the scenes from every scary movie ever were coming back to me, and this time I imagined this day of my life to be a remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the door was locked.  And I almost started weeping outside in the classroom, until the door opened, and many others did, with teachers looking out to make sure that no student was left outside. 

And then the lights were turned off, the blinds closed, the door locked, and we were all ushered to the opposite corner of the room.  Now, keep in mind, that morning I was feeling very nauseous and my stomach hurt horribly.  And I have an anxiety disorder, and horribly  claustrophobic, so while I was forced to squish between desks with other people with me, and my stomach was hurting, I got a horrible panic attack.  I couldn’t breathe, I was swaying and not paying attention to anyone, and I felt like I was about to throw up.

This went on for an hour—we were forced to be completely quiet for an hour, I was supposed to breathe in to my sweater for an hour.  Just as I was about to puke into the trash can, the intercom bleeped again, and the suspects had been caught.  Apparently, there was a shooting at the Apple Store in the mall, but the people were caught.

And that was how I almost died but not really.

If you would like to be awesome and what not and read an article on it, here you go!

P.S.—I reached a thousand followers on my Tumblr today, and I died and ugh thank you if you follow me here *and* on my Tumblr—if you haven’t followed me yet, that’s okay, you still get a cupcake, but it’s awesome, and here it is!

07 March, 2011

The Time I Got Braces


There’s probably nothing more depressing than knowing you look ugly.  And don’t try the “Ugh, I’m sure you look fine, Jessica.”  Because 1) You’ve never seen me, b) As previously mentioned, I know I look ugly and cuatro, we’re talking about braces here—but not only braces…  I also wear glasses and constantly have a horribly acne-ridden face.  So, that’s like…  TRIPLE the geek face.  Do you understand how much pain a person has to go through everyday they wake up and look at themselves and know they are ugly forever and ever amen?

So, I just wanted to write this little recount of me getting braces for future reference.

So you’re getting braces, huh?

Well, this is what happened.  It was the morning of and I got to skip school.  Finally, it was nine, the time of the goshdarn appointment.  We got to the dentist and in the pre-meeting, the dentist showed around awkward pictures they had taken many months before of me with my horrible teeth and hilariously frizzy side braid.  Then she mentioned I had an overbite, that they’d probably have my wisdom teeth removed, and my teeth would probably take two years to straighten.  I have to admit, I wasn’t really paying attention, all I could think of was how I planned to live in Amish existance for two years seeing as I was going to be ugly for two years and I was also pretty nervous because I thought that getting braces put on was a painful process, but the foolish stories my cousins told me that you get your braces drilled on and they yank teeth around and that the wire cuts up your lip were not true.

So they cleaned my teeth and what not and did other weird things—I can honestly say I was sort of dozing off while they did these things.  I felt weird and my jaw was getting tired, and I was just looking at this bird who kept staring at me outside the window.  But after a while the lady told me to rinse off my mouth and I realize she had glued the brackets on.  I looked at myself in the mirror as I rinsed my mouth and I almost dropped dead.  I looked like Fregley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I felt horrendous, and I couldn’t even talk.  When they finally got the wires in, she told me to look at myself.  She asked me how I felt.  I stared at her.  She laughed.  “Yeah, you don’t have to answer that.”

So I got home and didn’t want to show anyone.  But I was happy—everyone complained it hurt, but it was three hours after and I still didn’t feel anything.  Oh, how I was wrong.  I tried eating Macaroni and Cheese and ended up crying from the pain.  My teeth felt like they were all loose, and every time I closed my mouth a sharp pain would shoot up my teeth, like a knife digging in and…  ugh, I’m getting too grossed out.  Plus, the sharp bits of the bracket did dig into the inner cheek and I felt like I couldn’t either have my mouth open for a while or close my mouth completely.  The pain was unbearable.  And the day after, it still hurt like a female dog.  And now it’s been three days after and I still haven’t eaten anything the past two days.  Anything.  I attempted to eat spaghetti, but that was a fail.  I attempted to swallow it whole without any chewing, but after a while it got depressing…  and gross.

And I still feel like the ugliest duckling.

Have any of you had braces before?

17 February, 2011

When In Doubt, Wear Red.

Ugh, if I could shop for my favorite outfits without worrying about the cost…  I would go extreme.  Recently I have re-discovered Polyvore (I made one like two years ago, and re-made one a few months ago and started using it again yesterday) and was playing around with color combinations and snazzy shoes. 

Ugh, I just want to drown myself in blog posts and the literary world, but school is getting intense.  Remember when I called everyone ‘cupcake’?  Blergh.  I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable.

By the way, the quote was Bill Blass.  Not entirely applicable to me (60% of my closet is gray, 30% is brown or beige, and the rest is either white or some other nice color from the rainbow) but it tied nicely with that first outfit there.

& Just a small reminder that you, right now, reading this, are full of awesome.  I hope you’re inspired to do something nice soon.

21 January, 2011

Radiohead // Nude

I don’t know what it is about this song…  normally, I don’t listen to much Radiohead (this being compared to a hardcore fan…  I only have three songs of their on my iPod), but I heard it for the first time a few days ago.  It’s just all pretty much…  perfection.  The melody, the easy beat of the drum and the guitar, the angelic vocals…  It made me cry last night.  For no reason.  I just sat on my bed, listening to this song, and I started to cry.  Music is depressing.  Radiohead’s Nude is depressing.  But oh so beautiful.

Shortly after, I found out that this song was used for the Series 2 trailer for Skins, which I found to be a weird but beautiful coincidence, and I watched the trailer here.  I shamelessly admit I cried.  It was so beautiful.  (Everything is beautiful all of a sudden.)  It also reminded me of the days when I was emotionally dead when I finished watching Doctor Who’s Doomsday (dude, I actually couldn’t even come out of my room for almost three whole days).  Like I mentioned in the post before this one, I get really attached to fictional characters.  (If you watch Skins and/or Doctor Who, let’s obsess over it together!)

What did you think of this beautiful, beautiful song?