17 February, 2011

When In Doubt, Wear Red.

Ugh, if I could shop for my favorite outfits without worrying about the cost…  I would go extreme.  Recently I have re-discovered Polyvore (I made one like two years ago, and re-made one a few months ago and started using it again yesterday) and was playing around with color combinations and snazzy shoes. 

Ugh, I just want to drown myself in blog posts and the literary world, but school is getting intense.  Remember when I called everyone ‘cupcake’?  Blergh.  I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable.

By the way, the quote was Bill Blass.  Not entirely applicable to me (60% of my closet is gray, 30% is brown or beige, and the rest is either white or some other nice color from the rainbow) but it tied nicely with that first outfit there.

& Just a small reminder that you, right now, reading this, are full of awesome.  I hope you’re inspired to do something nice soon.