04 April, 2011

The Time I Almost Died—2nd Edition

Before I continue on with this post, I want to interrupt to update – Peeta & Gale were cast for the Hunger Games.  Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hensworth, respectively.  I do not know how I feel about this yet.  I don’t think I like it.

Anyway, moving on--

I tend to be a very dramatic person, and, while I’m not sure if this is a good way to handle it or not, I’m quite proud of it.  It’s very fun being dramatic—try it next time something incredibly horrendous happens, like someone joins the cash register line you were about to go to, or they are out of lemon pops at the market.  “Wait, you said you had a stroke because—why?”

I also do, following the dramatic side of me, “die” a lot.  And I apparently “pass out” a few times during the day, too.  Example:


FRIEND: …whut.

This happens on a daily basis, truly.  I do over-exaggerate when it comes to dying…  but today I almost died.  And I’m kind of not kidding, but I’m also being overly-dramatic again.

Today, I got to school (as usual, late).  This is what my school kind of sort of-ish looks like:


And, as you can see, my school isn’t one giant building—it’s many buildings with many classrooms, and today, I was late.  I came in through the ‘gated entrance for late idiots’ because that’s where people who are late for school scurry in from to avoid the teachers pulling us aside to let us know that we have to put our education first.  Plus, you get to your classrooms faster.  Anyway, as I was walking out in the open, contemplating the lovely California weather (how neat is it, really?), a helicopter flew above the school.  Weird—last time I saw a helicopter flying around this area was when there was a crazy guy causing trouble that they couldn’t locate (no need to panic that time, though, the guy was captured before we even had time to panic).

I continued on my path to try to get to my classroom, when the intercom bleeped.  Now, usually, the announcements only play during second period, so I was kind of surprised—but then the voice said “Teachers, staff, students—we are going on full lockdown, this is not a drill.”

At first, it was kind of hard for the information to sink in, but after a while, I realized it meant that something was definitely not okay, so I sprinted to my first period classroom.  And, woe is me, I pulled hard on the door, because at this moment, all the scenes from every scary movie ever were coming back to me, and this time I imagined this day of my life to be a remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the door was locked.  And I almost started weeping outside in the classroom, until the door opened, and many others did, with teachers looking out to make sure that no student was left outside. 

And then the lights were turned off, the blinds closed, the door locked, and we were all ushered to the opposite corner of the room.  Now, keep in mind, that morning I was feeling very nauseous and my stomach hurt horribly.  And I have an anxiety disorder, and horribly  claustrophobic, so while I was forced to squish between desks with other people with me, and my stomach was hurting, I got a horrible panic attack.  I couldn’t breathe, I was swaying and not paying attention to anyone, and I felt like I was about to throw up.

This went on for an hour—we were forced to be completely quiet for an hour, I was supposed to breathe in to my sweater for an hour.  Just as I was about to puke into the trash can, the intercom bleeped again, and the suspects had been caught.  Apparently, there was a shooting at the Apple Store in the mall, but the people were caught.

And that was how I almost died but not really.

If you would like to be awesome and what not and read an article on it, here you go!

P.S.—I reached a thousand followers on my Tumblr today, and I died and ugh thank you if you follow me here *and* on my Tumblr—if you haven’t followed me yet, that’s okay, you still get a cupcake, but it’s awesome, and here it is!


  1. Oh lordy, I would've sat down and cried once the announcement rang out. You're lucky the teacher was there to get you into the class. :) And well done you for being so cool about your panic attack - I wouldnt of been able to keep quiet

    Oh and noone is going to be able to live up to Peeta in my eyes, so I'm not really bothered to look up much about the actors


    And that sounds so scary! We don't have anything LIKE a lockdown procedure over here, but I would have been absolutely terrified! At least you didn't actually get locked out though right :) and maybe that's taught you not to be late now :P

    (Says the girl who strolls into school ten minutes late every morning.)

    And I'm really...apathetic, about the casting choices, actually. I don't know much about them as actors so who knows, really!

  3. Haha, you are an amazing story teller. Also - the fact that something like that happened is CRAZY. You live in a dangerous country/state/world or something.

    And congrats on 1000 followers. That is crazy, too, but in a good way.

  4. You really have an amazing skill in writing! And that sounds so horrible, nothing like that ever happens here haha.
    You have an adorable blog


  5. yes, you sure did capture the feelings you had during that harrowing experience; i really could empathize with you, and wow, i hope you don't have to go through something like that again!

  6. Oh my gosh!! That is freaky!!

  7. OMG, that's insane.

    I am really glad you are okie. :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. It is a sad thing to not be able to find a safe place these days (even if it means going to school!). Glad that you're alright because now, I get to follow you here and on your Tumblr! :)

  9. that's so scary! im glad everyone was ok!


Thank you, pal.