05 June, 2011

My Goals for This Summer 2011


It is officially the first week of my summer break, and thank God—I am excited.  I am excited to accomplish so many things, many important to me, and others just things I know I would feel pretty awesome knowing I did them all by myself.

Finish the novel I started but neglected since November.

Read twenty books.

Travel somewhere special.

Take pictures of kind strangers.

Have a moonlight picnic with a bunch of friends—blankets under the stars, sparkling apple cider, Edith Piaf background music, M&M’s.

Fall in love (or lust?) with someone.

Hold hands with somebody special (anyone, really.)

Write everyday in my journal.

Tell strangers they look great.

Finally try Boba tea—and more flavors of hot tea.

Have a silly photoshoot with some close friends at a playground.

Learn to not simply understand French but learn how to converse.  Even if a small, insignificant conversation.

Finish crocheting my blanket.  It was supposed to be a scarf, but then I realized that I was sweating and the sun was beating in my face and—oh yeah, that’s right…—it’s summer.  So it’s turning into a cute little blanket.  (Pictured above:  My sister Casey holding up my progress, started today.)

Learn how to play poker.

Without fear, fake my name while ordering a Domino’s Pizza and pick it up.  Charlotte?  Marie?  Britney?

Go thrifting some place exciting.

04 June, 2011

Summer 2011 Feel-Good Playlist

  1. SUGAR RAYSomeday
  2. SHE & HIMDon’t Look Back
  3. MGMTKids
  4. LOU BEGAMambo No. 5
  5. SLEIGH BELLSInfinity Guitars
  6. NELLYRide Wit Me
  8. KEYSHIA COLELet it Go
  9. VAMPIRE WEEKEND—Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa