01 January, 2012

Hi! I’m Jessica, Nice To Meet You! {An About Me Post}


I am a 17-year-old chocoholic and just recently passed the legal height to be considered an adult "dwarf" (4'11'').


  1. You are beautiful and YES you do have lovely eyes! Also WOOO i love dr who and icarly hahaha <3 x

  2. I like this post! I'm always rubbish at writing posts or even filling in boxes about myself. But that's a lot of people though. So.

    I remember a time when you hadn't read Harry Potter! Wow. Imagine. You also posted a lot too. Maybe there's a link...

    Although I'm glad you're back in a blogging groove. It makes me happy to check my Twitter in the morning (7.00 am, although I'm at least six hours ahead of you) and see another of your
    posts... I'm not a stalker.


    Eleanor Roscuro

  3. @Shabna: ;___; Thank you so much, this has seriously made my day-- you are so lovely, thank you!

    @Eleanor: Eleanor-- the one person who has never left me! I love you so much for that! Thanks for always being here, you may even have been one of my first followers ever. I'm happy to be blogging again, as well. Thank you again!

  4. Wow! Mucho gusto! You were so mysterious hahaha. Don't be scared...It's just the internet. hahaha. Much love,


  5. we have similar music taste and woo for dr who =] x

  6. Aw shucks! Thank you so much! I think when I started following you, you had about thirty, forty something followers here? That was a long time ago! Anyway.

    Thank you again! I love you too!

    Eleanor Roscuro

  7. OMG there are so many thinsg I want to say right now. I'll try to keep it short.
    - You are beautiful!! I love to have a face to the, er, blog (?)
    - I just googled doo-wop and I'm so excited. That's what that kind of music's called? Hello, new, fabulous, music. (Any suggestions?)
    - Chocolate could probably solve the world's problems.
    - I have JUST started watching Dr Who and so far I love it.
    - I also fall in love with strangers. I think it's easier. Just imagining me, being around a real boy, in love, scares the heck out of me.

    Basically there are so many things to say. And I can't wait for the book post.

  8. You have no idea how many times i just said 'No way!' to myself, there are so many things i have in common with that list. Its reasonably scary.

    Wow, your eyes are amazing.

    Im excited for the book post!!


  9. I loved reading this post, it's so nice to read about the things that you are passionate about. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. ah dude! I'm horrible about falling inlove with strangers...and then later finding out their names and stalking them on facebook. Ehem, but, we wont get into that now.

    Never marry anyone you don't want to see naked.

  11. This is a great about me page!
    Your eyes are gorgeous, beautiful colour.
    I had braces too so I know how you feel but dont worry its well worth it.

  12. love posts like this - thanks for sharing x

  13. Lovely! I know about you more I guess :)

  14. Beatles, chocolate, writing and you doing an about me post the first time I ever read your blog is an excellent start to my readership.

    It is lovely and a pleasure to internet-meet you

    P.S. I am TDCC boy. I've got the poster on my wardrobe haha, Feb '09 at the Hertford Marquee, just before it closed :(

  15. You have such a lovely blog! Really like it, wanna follow each other? xoxo

  16. Hey girl,

    loving your blog! a definite follow.

    i'm soon to be setting up my own online vintage store as part of my blog.. check it out!

    if you'd like to be a part of the mailing list for offers, discounts and to be kept up to date email 'MAIL' to safetypinsvintage@live.co.uk

    much love

  17. beautiful post & beautiful blog!

  18. I really enjoyed this, we've got quite a lot in common and you seem lovely! x

  19. This is so sweet.
    And you have beautiful eyes, I totally agree! :)
    As for the Beatles, I was born and raised in the same city and met Mr Mc a few years ago! Love them too!
    Thanks for sharing sunshine :)

  20. Thank you so much for all of these kind comments-- they've made my life!

  21. You are SO pretty! I love your eyes. And I love that you love Harry Potter. And books. And like oldies music. And like writing, and chocolate, and etc etc. I wake up at 5 on weekdays for school, which starts at 7.20 ): Enjoy your sleep if you can haha!

  22. We have a few things in common -- My name is Jessica, my blood is made of chocolate, and I've had crappy braces for a majority of my life (although thank goodness they are finally gone!)

    And I think you look supa cute!

  23. Your eyes are so pretty!!!


  24. Doctor Who YESSS!!!!! I love finding out when other people are Whovians ;)
    I had braces for 6.5 years. I feel your pain.
    And I used to fall in love with strangers and fold paper airplanes with little love notes inside and slip them in their bags on the train.
    Goodness, your blog is inspiring me to write so many things right now!

  25. I'm with you on the chocoholic thing...! And I'm supposedly learning Spanish - maybe you should do some of your posts in Spanish?! ;) Love your blog already, so glad you commented on mine so I found yours! I'm going to try out Windows Live Writer if I can make any sense of it..thankyou! nicola xxx


Thank you, pal.