24 August, 2011

Today I Turn Sixteen

I could give you an extremely long detailed post about how important and how different I feel today, but to be quite honest, this morning I was awoken at 6:10 with a weary “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to—please wake up”, and I ate eggs with ham and went to school and came back and made myself my own birthday cake.

For some reason, I’ve been taking my sixteenth birthday quite nonchalantly.  It wasn’t until last night that I realized that I could remember exactly how my fifteenth birthday went down, that I became worried—my fifteenth birthday was the worst one ever, and I did nothing exciting.  There went the “fun fifteen”!  So, last night, at 10 p.m., nauseous at my apathetic feelings towards this birthday, I popped “Sixteen Candles”, found my Molly Ringwald hat, and proceeded to “Ommmmmm” my way to sleep.

However, Sixteen Candles didn’t help.  I still wasn’t convinced I was going to have a successful day.  It did, however, remind me of how much I love Anthony Michael Hall:

The Geek: [noticing the car Jake puts Caroline in] This, uh, this your car, Jake?
Jake: No, this is my dad's car. You said you couldn't drive a stick.
The Geek: This is a motherfu - ! This is a Rolls Royce, Jake.
Jake: So?
The Geek: SO? So? I hear the grill ALONE costs five grand on this. Five grand! You have five grand? I don't have five grand!
Jake: Then don't hit anything.
The Geek: [incredulous] Ha ha! Don't hit anything.

Also, today’s celebrity's birthdays include:

  • Rupert Grint (how incredibly convenient, my husband and I share a birthday)
  • John Green
  • Chad Michael Murray
  • Jorge Luis Borges

So far, nothing’s changed.  Not even my chest.  I channeled too much Samantha Baker, I guess.

17 August, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy Today

Recently, I’ve been in a poopy mood.  (To be noted:  “Poopy” is now officially part of my computer’s dictionary, how proud of me are you?)  S0 much so, not even Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (to be noted:  my favorite type of ice cream, do not forget it, this will be very important at random intervals) could cheer me up.  So, as any person who spends too much time on the internet would, I’ve decided to remind myself of things that make me happy right now.

 1. The fact that the sun still keeps shining through that window.  (How do you love the scribbles on my window?)

 2. This awesome shirt my best friend got in Israel that I got three compliments on today.

3.  Reading Mr. Poe.  Huh.  A bit contradictory, no?

 4.  Magazines to read after reading too much Poe.

  5. Pictures of six-year-old me in costumes.

 6.  Ginormous bags of candles from IKEA, which I’ve lit every single night for the past two weeks.  They stay lit for hours, it’s ridiculous!

 7.  Having twinkly lights around your bed, which help when your brain is being stubborn and won’t let you sleep.

8.  This pair of brogues I got as an early gift for my birthday—which is the only present I’m getting, since I got to go to PARIS for my birthday.  Best blessing in the world, best present ever.


9. The fact that Paul McCartney wrote this song. 

What makes you ridiculously happy?

xoxo, Jessica