17 August, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy Today

Recently, I’ve been in a poopy mood.  (To be noted:  “Poopy” is now officially part of my computer’s dictionary, how proud of me are you?)  S0 much so, not even Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (to be noted:  my favorite type of ice cream, do not forget it, this will be very important at random intervals) could cheer me up.  So, as any person who spends too much time on the internet would, I’ve decided to remind myself of things that make me happy right now.

 1. The fact that the sun still keeps shining through that window.  (How do you love the scribbles on my window?)

 2. This awesome shirt my best friend got in Israel that I got three compliments on today.

3.  Reading Mr. Poe.  Huh.  A bit contradictory, no?

 4.  Magazines to read after reading too much Poe.

  5. Pictures of six-year-old me in costumes.

 6.  Ginormous bags of candles from IKEA, which I’ve lit every single night for the past two weeks.  They stay lit for hours, it’s ridiculous!

 7.  Having twinkly lights around your bed, which help when your brain is being stubborn and won’t let you sleep.

8.  This pair of brogues I got as an early gift for my birthday—which is the only present I’m getting, since I got to go to PARIS for my birthday.  Best blessing in the world, best present ever.


9. The fact that Paul McCartney wrote this song. 

What makes you ridiculously happy?

xoxo, Jessica


  1. Well, things that have been making me happy are new purchases. Yet, I am also sad as Alfie bunny, my rabbit, died yesterday! So, once you're happy there always seems to be something to bring you down!
    For somereason all your posts havent been showing on my blog feed? :(

  2. Nice signature! Paris... OH! I get it now! How was Paris? And happy birthday darling.

    What makes me ridiculously happy... God, I'd need an entire post for that. But three things - the Kilkenny Arts Festival, ten days when everyone is happy.
    Being quoted in the Irish Times talking about above festival.

    Eleanor Roscuro

  3. Few things make me ridiculously happy right now. I'm also having a poopy time. The only thing that cheers me up right now - basically the only thing that keeps me going - is Doctor Who. I spend the whole day thinking about the episode I will see the following night.
    Cheerful, eh? Tumblr and blogs make me happy as well, and the fact that I can feel fall in the air and that I don't have any school to go back to.

    (Candles from IKEA is the best thing ever. They are so CHEAP. It's impossible not to buy.)

    Will you blog about Paris? Please do. I have never been.

  4. Things that make me deliriously happy: your return to the blogosphere. Really deep conversations that make you realise how much you love people. Finding really good poems. The smell of the air after it rains.

    Etc :)

    Eurgh, this has made me think I really really really ought to write a post soon. SUMMER MAKES ME LAZY OKAY.

  5. Your brogues are gorgeous! I love the little detailing that runs around them. And how exciting - Paris for your birthday! Wowzers! How long are you going for?

    What makes me ridiculously happy (today anyway): Koalas (so cute!), ice cream cones (yummy), and being snugly in my bed & not soaking wet outside in the rain (not fun).

  6. this is one of the best remedies for feeling poop, thinking of all those things that make you smile and feel happy.

  7. Love this post, that window pic is amazing. My sis visiting after being out of state for the past 3 years is making me happy right now :) Lovely blog, I'm following, hope you can stop by mine soon :)


  8. when i feel yucky i turn to a delicious coffee beverage :)

    who doesn't love paris?

  9. Love tealight candles, they're so lovely to have around. And your 6-year-old costume is very fetching!

  10. love your shoes! and thankyou so glad you love my blog! xxx

  11. That t-shirt looks gorgeous, make that 4 compliments! xx

  12. Nice post! The things that makes me happy everyday are well my friends to receive good vibrations and to talk with my girlfriend.


Thank you, pal.