24 August, 2011

Today I Turn Sixteen

I could give you an extremely long detailed post about how important and how different I feel today, but to be quite honest, this morning I was awoken at 6:10 with a weary “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to—please wake up”, and I ate eggs with ham and went to school and came back and made myself my own birthday cake.

For some reason, I’ve been very nonchalant about my sixteenth.  It wasn’t until last night that I realized that I could remember exactly how my fifteenth birthday went down, that I became worried—my fifteenth birthday was the worst one ever, and I did nothing exciting.  So, last night, at 10 p.m., nauseous at my apathetic feelings towards this birthday, I popped “Sixteen Candles”, found my Molly Ringwald hat, and proceeded to “Ommmmmm” my way to sleep.

However, Sixteen Candles didn’t help.  I still wasn’t convinced I was going to have a successful day.  It did, however, remind me of how much I love Anthony Michael Hall.

Also, today’s celebrity's birthdays include:
  • Rupert Grint (how incredibly convenient, my husband and I share a birthday)
  • John Green
  • Chad Michael Murray
  • Jorge Luis Borges
So far, nothing’s changed.  Not even my chest.


  1. I can't believe you're only 16!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're only 16!

  3. Aw, happy birthday, girlie! Haha, I was the same way when I was about to turn eighteen. Though it was more along the lines of, "Holy crap, Im about to become an adult! I don't know what I'm doing! What am I gonna do? What do I doooooo!?"

    Anywho, have a happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to a very talented girl!

  5. Hehehehe, you're hilarious. Happy Birthday to you. I hope you'll have a bloody good year... I myself never really do anything special on the day... unless eating a ridiculous amount of food counts?

    Anyway, just to make you feel a little awkward... I can't believe you've only turned 16. (this is number 3 in your comment box saying this... now you have to start doubting why everybody is so shocked... no no just kidding. ...maybe.)

  6. Happy Birthdaay!

    Followww mee??!!


  7. welllll happy birthday girly! its ok to be nonchalant about it, I was too! but sharing a birthday with rupert grint and watching sixteen candles sounds pretty good to me :)
    thanks for the lovely comment, I love your blog! new reader :)

  8. aww, happy birthday hun! <33


  9. Just found your blog, it's adorable! Happy birthday :D

  10. Happy birthday lovely!
    You're the same age as me now :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  11. happy happy birthday!! i've never actually watched sixteen candles, i guess i'm just not a very film-y person


  12. happy birthday girl! :) BTW great blog,i'm your new follower.I hope youll follow back :)

    P.s I'm having two giveaways on my blog as well.

  13. Yaaaaay! Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one. I still remember my 16th birthday (I'm 23 now)... it was spent doing a huge project for Pre-Calculus. It was awful. And it was on a weekend, so I didn't even get to see my friends at school or anything. Ah well, in the long run, it doesn't really matter to me. ;) But I hope you had a great 16th!

  14. the 24th was also my sisters birthday :) so I hope you had a great sweet 16! Loving your blog! New follower over here :)

  15. GODAMMIT I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY?!?!?! I'm so sorry, I haven't been able to get on the internet for ages, but you're sixteen! Woo! Does this mean you can drive now? Wow. I hope you'll have a fantastic year.

    Eleanor Roscuro

  16. happy birthday!!! they're weird ones, aren't they? you always feel like something significant should happen..it rarely does, hey?

    And thanks for your comment on my blog - i'll pass your compliments onto my boyfriend!

    Annah xx



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