12 September, 2011

How To Moronically Do Nothing During A Blackout

San Diego, Orange County, some parts of Arizona, and all of Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico) had a major blackout on the 8th, starting at around 3:38.  My mom and I were driving back from Kentucky Fried Chicken (I know) and suddenly all the stoplights turned off.  Thankfully, we were on the road just as the stop lights went off (I heard that people stayed almost hours getting home, since people were stuck trying to take turns crossing a stop light.)

Anyway, apparently the electricity went out all over the county, so it was probably serious.  My parents and I just grabbed a zillion candles (provided by moi—perks of being an amateur pyromaniac) and set them all over the house to light as soon as it started getting dark.  With no computer, television, light, working fridge, I acted like a dead woman and laid on the floor of my room and took pictures of everything.  I'm sure the 50+ macro pictures of my carpet are piquing your interest, but I'll spare you.

Also, can you tell I’m fascinated by my hand?

Oh, and those books in piles?  I organized them.  I  organized them from the dirty piles all over my room.  Those are only half, however, the other half I managed to somehow work up the energy/braveness to place them in boxes and put them in the dark, hot garage.  Oh yeah, it was hot as heck that Thursday night.  The good news, however—I didn’t have school the next day.  Yay for blackouts!

04 September, 2011

Thinking About Thinking

Now it’s time for…  a list of unnecessary random things I think about at 8:32 in the morning! I’m sleeping on the floor of a girl’s room and since I’ve used up all of my entertainment last night, I’ve been thinking all morning.  Thinking about the randomest things.  And I’m a bit afraid to forget them, so I’ll share.

First, how strange is it that the internet was literally invented so little ago?  I mean, it was starting out (at least, being used by you and me) in the late 1990’s, and we’ve gotten so used to it and older people had to probably adapt to using the internet, a foreign device, while they were still adapting to using a computer.

Second, can I say that bloggers are kind of strange sometimes?  Bloggers complain about people being too in-the-know about their lives…when the post under the aforementioned lists the clothes they just bought and what they ate for dinner.

Third, I’ve been thinking about children and the way they think.  You always see movies or inspirational posters where children get patted on the back, and they’re told that they’re smart and they contribute to society and they’re wonderful people who should get listened to by adults more often.  And yes, as a child, I was desperate to get people to listen.  “I mean, hel-loh, I’m a human beiiiiiiiiiiiing.”  But this morning (as my friend was asleep) going through the first e-mails I ever received and sent out…  back when I was a sixth grader…  It’s just pitiful.  Reading through my old journals as a child...  I wouldn't have the patience to listen to me, either.

Fourth, this also got me thinking about parenting.  Or more specifically, the way children act at supermarkets.  What’s the correct way of stopping children from their evil ways?  Scream at them, give in and do what they want you to do, leave the store altogether?  I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this, um, moving on.

Fifth, time is scary.  To me.  Time is scary to me.  I’ve always been afraid of not being able to do what I truly want with such little time on Earth, but now it’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid to plan anything for my day, because “what if I don’t have time, what if this drags out too long, what if I get hungry, what if I pass out from locked knees, and there goes one hour”.  Speaking of hours, how scary is that?  There’s only 24 hours in one day, and there are so many miniscule things that take up one hour.  Seven hours taken up by sleeping.  An hour and a half taken up by all the separate times you eat.  Eight hours spent in school.  Two hours to do homework.  That leaves five hours to do anything.  And, I realize to some people with jobs, this sounds like a whole lot, because they spend extra hours working, or managing sports or extracurricular activities…  I don’t know, time is iffy for me.

And this has been Thinking About Thinking Unnecessarily Early In The Morning, thank you for joining us.