31 January, 2012

And Maybe You Would Understand Me A Little Better If I Was To Write You A Letter

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While I was battling a cold during the weekend, I realized the perfect weather we were having that day—I was freezing cold, due to my fever, but sitting outside made me feel incredibly lazy and warm and it made me feel like going up to my neighbors and telling them how much I love them and appreciate the fact that we live next to each other, regardless of all the times their children kick their soccer balls into our backyard.

Inspired by this, I took out my mom’s old typewriter and wrote a friend a letter.  I didn’t feel like writing nonsense, but I didn’t want to write a serious, emotional meltdown about how she was the light of my life or the reason I woke up each morning.

If you can tell, by reading what you can read, using a typewriter to write out things is not always that fun.  It is, most of the time, except when you 1) mess up, 2) press a key that mixes up the functions of the keys for you, or 3) accidentally move the space you were in and have to calculate precisely the line you were writing in (or else you end up with a mixed-up word, like the I in “In this envelope…”

The stationary was my mom’s in the 70’s—how sweet is that!  She never used it so she gave it to me.  That was my special account of the day.


  1. Aw. I wish I still had my parents' typewriter...

    Minted Magazine


  2. I love typewriters too!
    I want to have a collection of vintage typewriters and sewing machines.


  3. This is so cute -- love the idea of using a vintage typewriter to write an old-fashioned letter to someone special! xo


  4. I loved typing on the typewriter as a kid. I have one here but I can't figure out how to get the darn thing to work! It's a beauty though so I can't quite bring myself to part with it...you're lucky your old one works and still has a ribbon!

  5. So I think your comment on my blog just made my night...Thank you so much for the lovely compliments - I think I'm going to post my typewriter in one of my next posts in honor of you and with that I'm off to bed!

    1. This entire conversation, I believe, has made my night. Thank you, typewriters, and blogosphere!

  6. who wouldn't love a typed letter? i just love typewriters and snail mail. put them together and i think you would make half the world happy. i don't know about the other half.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about the non-fun of typewriting. I took Typing as a Junior Cert subject and had to study it for three years, and then I took the exam last May. TAB STOPS! THE WHEEL KEY! CENTERING! THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CAPS LOCK! Oh no, you can't be having just one type of Caps Lock, oh no, you have to have three! Still, I really think everyone should learn how to type on a typewriter, the actual typing part is so much easier on a typewriter. It also makes you appreciate modern technology more.

    God, I hope I haven't popped everyone's romantic typewriting bubble. Nice letter by the way.

    Eleanor Roscuro

    P.S. I got an A in my Typewriting exam, so that's alright then.

    1. this is so sweet! I wish I had a typewriter to play with - although I'd probably get frustrated without the handy backspace key... hmm... sorry to hear that you've managed to get sick too :( hope you feel better soon!

  8. What a cute & lovely idea! I remember playing with my Mom's old typewriter when I was a kid... so much fun, but seriously prone to mistakes far too much!

    <3 Shawna

  9. This is the coolest ever! I love those clacking clinking sounds that it makes.

  10. This is BEAUTIFUL and your updates are finally showing up in my Google REader! This makes me happy :)


Thank you, pal.