01 January, 2012

Happy New Year—New Year’s Resolutions

This year has been so incredibly…  uneventful.  I’m still trying to gather my thoughts, but here are my New Year’s Resolutions, as of now:
    • Be happier…  what’s the point of being incredibly depressed and having a pity party all the time?  There’s absolutely no point, and it’s pathetic, in retrospect.
    • Finish writing my book…  what’s stopping me?  Why can’t I?  There’s no reason for me to not just write.  I’m just scared.  Which brings me to…
    • …stop being scared.  Stop having panic attacks.  Learn how to deal with my anxiety.
    • Learn how to be a committed person.  Write in my journal more often, stop abandoning my blog.
    • Learn how to be by myself.
    • Read 80 books.  Find my writing style.  Write for myself.
    • Fall recklessly, unabashedly, stupidly in love with someone or something.  The world, is possible.
What are you resolved to do this year?


  1. Goodness - such a great resolutions! I wish I could stop being scared. My resolutions aresomething like:
    - Read at least 50 books (including at least 1 non-fiction and 1 biography)
    - Befriend someone in real life who likes Doctor Who and/or Parks and rec (This one is only half-serious, and yet very important.)
    - Befriend an American (because I'm moving to the USA.)
    - Speak up for myself.

    And that's it. Happy 2012!

  2. Come to California and we'll hang out together ALL the time, Jo!

  3. Great resolutions! I have given me 2 principle ones: be positive and complain less. I've got this feeling that I have to make this year a good one.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. If I find myself in California, definitely! Unfortunately I'm going to live in New York.


Thank you, pal.