22 January, 2012

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

The day the skies opened, the Hallelujah chorus sang, chocolate rained, the sun helped grow chocolate flowers—this all happened on the one fateful day that Hulu decided to allow people to watch Amélie for a few weeks.  Finally, no more having to hassle the lady at Blockbuster or having to settle for crappy links.

I had to prepare myself a few days in advance to watch this movie.  At first, I didn’t want to just click the link and watch it, how unprepared and not special was that?  No.  So, on the one day that I had the house to myself, I wore an old button-down I stole from my dad a while ago, I tied my hair up into a scarf, I poured myself some cranberry juice into a wine glass and had some Toast, which I marked as “French” with a neon green Post-it note on the insides.

It was the best evening I had spent in such a long time, and it left me with a yearning to learn even more how to be alone.  One day, I suppose, one day!

“You could never be a vegetable, because even artichokes have hearts!”


  1. I've heard of Amelie but never watched it and now I really want to, even more!!

    1. Ooooh! Go go go go, you totally can! It's available for nine more days fo' free on Hulu!

  2. I love Amelie! It's one of my favourites. It has its own special charm. And that's super cute of you to sort of "play the part" while watching the movie. I'll have to remember that.

  3. Amelie looks gorgeous... I will have to take a trip to HMV though, because I don't get Hulu here. But anyway.

    I love the preparation you had before you saw the film! I will have to do that. It would make it more precious, a special occasion.

    Eleanor Roscuro

  4. I love this film! ;)

    Lovely blog!

    Xoxo from Rio de Janeiro,

  5. One of my all time faces ^^ It got me through college <3

  6. ha! got to love my apple correcting my slang! *faves

  7. I totally need to watch this film again! Time to dig out a suitably French silk scarf x

  8. I need to re-watch Amelie, it left such a profound impact on me and totally made me see Paris in such the romantic, cliche way <3

  9. this is an awesome movie.. fell in love with it the moment I first saw it.. maybe that's why I love Audrey Tatou so much.. she played an amazingly dreamy Amelie Poulin... loved your profile description btw...

  10. I've seen Amelie at least 15 times. It's lovely and carefree :)


Thank you, pal.