28 February, 2012

A Crown of Flowers


There are certain places that you’ve never been to before, places you hold close to your heart, places that you could only hope to one day visit.  Places where you’re certain unicorns and chocolate were born, where you know that once you walk out of there for the first time, your life will be changed dramatically.

I had a place close to my heart, too.  That place is Michaels.

See, I have pretty creative friends that actually do things outside their home, unlike me (hello, I went to my first antique store just last week)—and every time I ask where did they get their magical tools to creating magical creations, they shrug and say “Er, Michaels.”  And I shrug and say “Michaels”, too, because goshdarn, it’s all I wanted…  Michaels.

I can now proudly say, though…  that over the weekend…  I became a woman again (I’ve doing a lot of growing recently, apparently).  I went to Michaels for the first time and it was as beautiful as I expected it to be.  Outside the store they were selling fake flower bouquets for 29 cents each—I needed to compose myself before entering the store.  While inside, I grabbed everything I possibly could, and once I recounted my money, had to put some things back (I regret not getting the fancy machine that cuts your cake in half so that you can cleverly fill the inside with frosting, though), and decided to make this project.


I bought a glue gun for the first time, because I’ve found recently that there have been so many instances where I desperately needed a glue gun, and I didn’t have one.  And let me tell you how fun using a glue gun is…  quite.  Something totally exhilarating in handling a gun that shoots hot glue that burns.

I had seen nifty floral crowns/headbands/what-have-you on the interweb a lot, and I thought they looked really neat and sweet and lovely, so I wanted to make my own!

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I don a crown of flowers
To mask the sorrow inside
Eyes which fall upon its beauty
Do not see the tears I cry
While the flowers bud to blossom
I wilt to almost nothing
In a garden colour filled with life
There is also a shadow found
In the sun the flower buds open
In the dark a heart is closed
The flowers shall be woven together
To hide something left unseen
The rose, the tulip and the bluebell rise
I am envious of their beautiful life
So I don I crown of flowers
To mask my sorrow inside
---A Crown Of Flowers, Matthew Holloway

cassandra 050

Phew—using a hot glue gun totally makes you walk straighter and speak louder.  I can now proudly say that I used a hot glue gun without parental supervision and totally (burned my fingers twice) aced it.  My poor little sister Casey had to go through my million “No, tilt your head just a bit to the right.  The right.  The right.  No, my right.  Your hand is in the shot!”, but she liked the crown, so I let her take care of it for me in her room.

This was very fun to make, though, if you have a hot glue gun and you’ve never been to Michaels before, I suggest you get on that because, my God, your life will change, and you’ll have created something that nobody around you has.


  1. Beautiful work! I make jewellery and have been tempted to start customising headbands, but I'm not sure mine would be as beautiful as this! xo

    Megan Jane


  2. You write so lovely! The flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for the comment on my blog, yeah I'm in my final year of studying criminology. It's hard work but really interesting, I learn about prisons, police, youth, why people commit crime, etc :) x

  3. that is really beautiful, I love it! I want a headband like that for myself, seriously...

  4. this is lovely, i've been wanting to make one like this for ages...if only i had the time! looks beautiful, i love your blog- i'm a new follower :) xx

  5. That is so pretty! I love the name of your blog as well.. I really need to start making me floral headdresses

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  6. I'm afraid that if I buy a glue gun I'll never use my sewing machine again, hahahaha! But I do need one!
    And the headband looks so beautiful, now I want one too! <3

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  7. this is awesome!! congrats on the headband, it looks great!

  8. That looks so cute! What a great idea, I should find a shop similar to Michaels because darn, that glue gun looks so funky and nice! I love headband-thingies, I think yours worked out great! And your sister posing it is so cute! :)

  9. i've a lot about this place recently, it sounds amazing. i love that you now own a zebra-print glue gun haha! xx

  10. Haha you are beyond cute - though I shall agree with you, glue gun usage is incredibly, strangely fun. Love the creative DIY's you made; such a lovely idea! :)

    <3 Shawna

  11. omg thats so lovely! she looks adorable in that headband!

    Glass of Fashion

  12. Thanks for the sweet comment. Lovely flower crown! I was looking through your blog and totally dig it. I don't normally follow whoever, but I will deff follow you. Hope we keep in touch. :)
    XO Daisy

    PS: I read in your first post that you're 4'11..I AM TOO. lol short girls rule. :D

  13. That's awesome, the headband turned out nicely! I've never used a hot glue gun myself but I love how enthusiastic you are about it, haha.

  14. Hey thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! This headband is soo cute and te fact you made it makes it even cuter :) follow each other? Xxx

  15. Awww, Thank you! :D♥xx You have, you have made this beautiful headband!!♥ I love your idea!♥ xx

  16. That's so clever! It looks gorgeous xx

    The Londoner

  17. That's a beautiful twist on the flower garland x

  18. OMG! Really cute. Specially on that little girl.

  19. So sweet! Michael's is a pretty fantastic place; the last time I was in one, I was buying things for a flower crown too! I made mine using floral wire though, so I didn't have to worry about burnt fingers!

    1. You're totally right, after I made mine, I found so many other ideas, like making wreaths with just wire, and I headdesked because, ugh, could have saved my fingers!

  20. ohmylife thats so cute! love the poem too! :) xxx

  21. That's so cute, I haven't used my glue gun for any thing in ages, it's probably at the back of a cupboard somewhere feeling neglected. Maybe if I knew somewhere near me that sold craft items that cheap then I would get it out more!


  22. that is just the cutest! your sister looks angelic;)

    xxx diana


  23. hi there, tumbled in from Hila's place!

    i think i would run into major debt if i lived anywhere near such a store. i would probably invent things to do with a hot glue gun.

  24. Oh it came out great! I must try this some time :)

  25. What a gorgeous crown you made!

    And I adore your writing style - such great voice!

  26. very cute and creative!
    Come by and let's follow each other!

  27. You did an excellent job with the headband! Congratulations. I went to Michaels when I was in the states, to pick up some supplies for a project. It was an awesome store and you guys are so lucky, everything is soooo much cheaper there (in the US of A).


Thank you, pal.