02 February, 2012

A Day in the Life–A Morning Ritual

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Even though it was about a week ago, Shawna from Serpentine Streets wrote a post on her love of quiet mornings, and it was so lovingly written, I had to follow up on her question on whether or not we also had any sort of morning rituals.

I used to fill up my sugary needs for the day by eating delicious, chocolatey Mexican cereal every morning, but then I found out that milk causes bad things to my tummy and gives me more anxiety attacks, so I stopped drinking milk in the morning.

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Then, I dress myself with the vast variety of clothes I have been able to acquire over the years.  (I paused writing this post to get up and actually count how many of those articles of clothing don’t even fit me anymore.  Nine articles of clothing.  Fashion!)  Look at that sexy robe at the end.
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At the school I attend, they like to ask us many “stimulating” questions, especially the kind that they think we’ll be processing in our minds all day.  In my AP English class, our teacher asked us when was the first time we truly felt like adults.  I didn’t know how to answer the question as broadly as he was asking us, so I wrote down that the first time I felt like a big girl was when my mom caught me sniffing her Chanel No. 5—which I wasn’t allowed to do, because Chanel was for women—and she let me spray some on myself.  And then she let me wear some of her lipstick.  All day.  But it wasn’t the lipstick—it was the fact that she had given me permission to put some perfume on, Chanel perfume.  She had “confirmed” me, in a way.  I felt, after that moment, that confirmations were going to start getting easier for me, because of the first decision to let me wear that beautiful perfume I watched her spray on every day.

I haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase Chanel perfume for myself, though.  I don’t think I want to own my own Chanel perfume until…  I don’t know.  I think it would make a good 18th birthday present.  I just don’t want to ruin the special feeling it has for me.  At least I have Miss Dior Cherie, which I got engraved when I was in Paris, and it smells beautiful.

clothes 006

Some people feel naked without makeup, other people feel naked without their watch, other people feel naked if they haven’t properly washed their face (I think they just don’t feel clean)—for me, I will be beyond irritated if I’m in class and I reach my hand up to tug on my ear or play with the clasp of an earring and I find that I’m not wearing one.  One of my nervous tics, other than removing my nail polish in class, is to pull at my ears, or take off my earrings, clean them, and put them back on.  I need to have earrings on, all the time, or else I have nothing to control my shaky hands in class.  Also, I like earrings!

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And then, once I’ve double-checked everything, like made sure that I brushed my teeth the right way, or to make sure that I applied moisturizer because then my face feels tight, or to make sure to turn off my twinkly lights that I had on all night, or to make sure that I’ve turned off the music I leave on to get ready—then I allow myself to leave my house.  This happens every morning—except for the Starbucks part, that’s only when I saved a secret civilization’s island overnight, and I reward myself with a caramel macchiato.


  1. Love this post, the story about your mums Chanel perfume is so lovely! Incredibly jel of your gorgeous chocolately breakfast too, looks like a dream X

  2. lovely images and lovely things! x

  3. I do the exact same things with my earrings and I always feel naked without them. I sleep with them in so I don't have to worry about forgetting them in the morning. Your breakfast looks amazing!


  4. thank you so much for your sweet comment ! I love that my mum lets me put shrines everywhere, sometimes I forget that its probably not normal?! haha

    nutella is so yummy! and it looks even more delicious with strawberries.

  5. strawberries and nutella?!! why haven't i thought of that yet! yum.

  6. Love the way you write, very witty. Also now going to make myself some Nutella and Strawberries. Hello deliciousness.


  7. Your writing is poetic! It is so personal and sweet. My little boy is obsessed with Nutella. He requests a "peanut butter and nu-vella" sandwich every day for lunch. I don't see the harm, do you?

    Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ahhh!! Not only did it make me somewhat giddy that you mentioned me, but I'm starting to think we were meant to know each other. For one thing, I have the exact same issue with earrings. If i find myself out without them in it's an instant cloud on my day; I'm constantly tugging at my ears. Everyone I know thinks it's pretty strange, & you're probably the first person besides myself I've heard this qualm from. I was also just taking pictures of my closet & earring collection just before I saw this. We're in an interestingly in-tune frame of mind here & I love it haha :)

    <3 Shawna

  9. I love this post. Really love this.

    Drea xo


  10. Such a lovely blog! <3
    And I LOVE your bags..

    Xx, Saritschka.


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