16 February, 2012

The Dentist

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the dentist to have a check-up on my unfortunate orthodontia.  This was the first time I wasn’t dreading my dentist appointment, because I knew that this was the first time I was actually following through with wearing those dang elastics that are meant to fix to my jaw, while making eating an impossible task.  I had finally gotten into the groove of doing what I’m supposed to, so I didn’t mind going to the dentist.

It was pouring outside (congratulations on getting the winter memo, California, no matter how late it was), but since I unfortunately don’t know how to dress myself for the winter, I donned a dress, frilly socks and saddle shoes, with a flimsy coat to help.  It didn’t.

so many omg (plus valentines) 001

My father pulled up to the dentist’s building and, while it was still raining heavily, asked me if I minded him simply dropping me off while he went to the bank.  He’d “be right back, in a jiffy!”  Usually, my incredibly low self-esteem and lack of confidence would cause me to sway in my spot with nausea at this request, but that day—I don’t know if it was the rain (rain does things to me) or what—I said I wouldn’t mind, and I told him to take his time.  He asked me how long the appointment would last.  He guesstimated about ten minutes.  I, for some reason, said that was too little, and told him to be back in twenty minutes, minimum, and reminded him to take his time.

so many omg (plus valentines) 037

I pushed open the door I had usually walked through when my dad was holding it open for me, and signed myself in (again, new bizniz) with their long green pens with the big flowers at the end.  I played with the Newton’s cradle for a bit, then sat down on the multi-colored chairs and eyed the many-months-old magazines.  The appointment took only about seven minutes, and after I said good-by to my Spanish teacher, who I was surprised to find sitting in the chair next to mine, I set an appointment for March and slowly made my way to the door.  My dad still wasn’t here.  But my hand was already on the door knob, I couldn’t just turn back and sit—and then I realized that I had been standing with my hand on the door knob for more than five seconds, so I hurriedly opened the door and walked into the empty carpeted hallway that had doors to the other offices, my heart beating rapidly.

so many omg (plus valentines) 043

I made my way to the first floor, and got closer to the door that led to the outside.  I opened it and a gust of wind and heavy rain fell on my face.  I couldn’t wait outside, so I awkwardly ambled to the staircase and…  goodness…  plopped down and started reading my book.  I sat there, in the deserted hallway, with the white, bare walls completely eating me up, listening to the rain hit the glass-paneled roof.

I tried to read, but I found myself re-reading the same line quite an embarrassing amount of times.  The fact that my hair stood on end every time I heard somebody thunder down the stairs didn’t help either.  Especially when they trotted down and turned to go down the last few steps I was sitting on and yelled out ‘Whoa!’ because they were about to trip over me.  I apologized a total number of eight times, I marked them on my leg.

There was this poor girl who was about to go up the stairs and didn’t see me behind the railing.  She suddenly appeared in front of me and screeched, and apologized, just in case I thought she was screaming at the sight of me, not because I “caught her off-guard”.

so many omg (plus valentines) 060

I kept sitting there, until I heard the main door open again and the familiar squeak of my dad’s shoes.  He saw me, and I didn’t even have to look up from my book for him to yell out “HEY, JESS!” and for me to half-smile and for him to ask me “How long have you been waiting here?” and for me to say “Just half an hour,” and for him to gasp and say “Are you for real?” and for me to nod and for him to shake his head and offer me his hand.  I didn’t want to make him feel guilty, so I took it, but quickly slipped it away once I was up.

The rain started pouring even harder as we got outside, and I ran to our car, (just like in the films), while protecting my head with my copy of The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.  I dreamt of being a housemaid taking care of a Mr. Martin with a plastic face.

On the bright side, it’s still raining, and it’s beautiful.

so many omg (plus valentines) 064

I took a bubble bath and listened to the Beatles’ White Album.  There was a point where I decided I was a fearless motherf***** and, while dripping wet, got on my tippy-toes on the edge of the tub and reached up to open my window, simply to listen to the sound of the rain while I lazily took a nap in my bathtub.

You should try it sometime.  I, though, have perfected the art of taking naps in my bathtub without drowning, so I don’t recommend this yet.  You should try reading something lovely instead, while occasionally leaning over to sniff your favorite candle. Baby steps, y’all.

Even more good news, I think I’ve perfected the “:3” cat face.  Or is that the duck face?

Next time, if it’s raining again, I’ll tell him to pick me up after forty minutes.  I think this gives me enough time to explore the entire building.


  1. This outfit is super cute :) I love the little GIF you made :)

    -LAURA xx

  2. Hooray for rain! Boo for dentists though. I haven't had a bath in YEARS, really should try it some time...maybe not in my uni accommodation though. I don't think the bath here has been used or cleaned for several years...

  3. I'm not the only one in the world that is terrified of doing things by myself! Ha ha, I'm glad you got to explore the building, it must have been fun. Has anyone ever told you that you have amazing eyeballs?

  4. going to the dentist is always so daunting! loving your blog :)



  5. Oh that collar is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!! It beauty has killed me :D hahaha

  6. Oh man! That's the worst! Cute pictures of you though! :) Your story reminds me of the time I locked myself out of my house without my phone, and lost two sets of keys, and wandered the neighborhood streets for 6 hours. I was not a very inspiring homeless person. :S

  7. Love this story. You have a way with words. I kind of like waiting around. It justifies doing nothing for a couple of minutes, and it's not my own fault. And I love rain. Next time it rains I will take a bath and listen to it.

  8. So sorrry to hear! Love your adorable collar though


  9. I love reading the events of your day. A sugary sweetness pours from your words!

    I hate the dentist. Every time I have dentist visit - I try to find my ways out of it.......or I drag my feet extra slow... and pray that the time passes very quickly ^.^

    sending you happy spells


  10. Ahh, I remember when I had to have elastics fitted in. I feel your pain. Eating is an impossible task! One time, the elastic slapped me on my lip. OUCH!
    Awwh, I'm so sorry that you had to wait for so long and people kept bumping into you.
    Exploring things whilst it's raining seems pretty fun though.
    & LOVE your outfit!

  11. you are so cute- LOVE tat peter pan collar on you!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  12. Ah you are adorable! (sorry about the dentist experience :/)
    love the outfit, especially the boots.


  13. wow!! love your eyes!!


  14. oh ! nobody likes going to the dentist I guess!
    cute skirt!

    ☆ Letizia


  15. you are just too adorable!!


  16. Love the skirt .. :)


  17. Love your pictures - great style...

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I started following you on Google-FC and Bloglovin - please follow back!

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin

  18. I know what you mean about the dentist! I managed to wriggle out of getting braces when I was younger, but so regret it now, as my teeth are pretty crammed in & crooked these days. So they will be worth it when you have nice straight teeth! Love this outfit too, super cute, especially the boots!

    1. As much as my friend hated people telling her "It will be worth it, your braces, for how beautiful you'll look after", I love being reminded that it'll be worth it, so thank you! Makes grinning at myself in the mirror less painful.

  19. I do love your blog too!and you are so beautiful!! :)

  20. Thank you! :D I live lovely coments like that! :3♥

    You look so cute! :D I love your outfit! :D Hahah, and it was really intresting to read about 'How To Take A Bath Like You're In A Film' :D ♥ xx

  21. Love your posts, you have some really interesting stuff! And I love the look, very cute peter pan collar! And you should so have more confidence in yourself, you're beautiful. X

  22. good for you! baby steps is right :) I love the rain... but I've not had a bath in years. I should get on that!
    I had my first dentist's appointment in about six years the other day (yes, I know, it's heinous). all ended up being well, but I tell you, dentists scare the crap out of me.

  23. great pics, love your sweater! ♥

  24. You are so dang cute! I love this outfit. It's very school girl esque, but the boots grunge it up nicely! Wonderful.

  25. I would totally love to wear this outfit..minus the knee socks because mine never stay up unless they manage to cut off my circulation (ha). That face would be classified as a "duck" face in my book - and as a practiced face maker, I say yours is a winner!

  26. I love your style. I love your blog! :) follow you

  27. this is cute! and haha I love the way you're taking your bath gotta try it sometime ;-)

  28. Cute outfit, you and your blog are both so adorable!

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