14 February, 2012

In Honor Of Valentine’s Day

I thought we would all appreciate watching the Chestburster scene from Aliens (1986).
Aliens (1986)
My father thought it would be hilarious to explain, with every minute detail, what goes on in this scene in a car ride…to his very squeamish daughter.  “What?  You’ve never seen Aliens?  Dude…  you’re missing out.”
Apparently so.
so many omg (plus valentines) 062
For my Valentine’s Day cards, I cut up old Urban Outfitters catalogs and wrote commentary on them, including hipster-like things.  The classic Perks quote “And in that moment I swear we were infinite” could not be left out (how many tumblr blogs are titled this?  Google search waiting to happen) and neither could those chaotic triangles.
Overall, though…  a day just like every other.
But I still love you, internet.  And the people of the internet.  But I love you just like I love you every day.  Today is not even more so.
(Please tell me you all pressed play on the Aliens scene.)


  1. I have never seen the Alien movies (sadly) and I must say: That thing. Is cuuuuuute!! Happy Valentines.

    - Sóley
    we are purple

  2. Pressed 'play' just to experience it again...totally epic and '80's-tastic! Happy Valentine's!


Thank you, pal.