12 February, 2012

The Joy of Receiving Letters in the Mail

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A promise I’ve made myself recently is to stop depriving myself of simple joys I am easily accessible to, simply because I think that by doing them, I’d be lying to myself, thinking I deserve to do them, and once I’ve done them, they lose their glittering aura and will no longer be that “special thing I’ve always wanted to do”.

So, this stops now.  I had a lovely time ruining my bedroom’s carpet with coffee stains while I did this incredibly fun project, where I dunked envelopes into coffee and made them look lovely, as pictured!  They still smell like coffee and I’ve been opening them and smelling their insides every night.

So, I’ve been thinking, since we’re all best friends now and we’re all comfortable around each other, and I’ve decided that there’s nothing that makes me giddily squeal like a little girl more than receiving e-mails or letters (that are not collage pamphlets) in the mail—we could exchange stories and recipes and anecdotes about people we don’t even know, together!


Because I know you, you, are the most interesting person in the internet right about now…  and I’m sure you’d like to at least believe that I am too, because, if not, “why have I been wasting so much time visiting this blog?”

And then, without having to publicly display where I live, I’d love to send snail mail back and forth with you!  Let me know if I’ve officially gone off my rocker!  And if you believe not, I would love to receive an e-mail from you!

Oh, I’m so giddy about this, let’s count the total number of exclamation points used.  (Five too many?)

(Also—everybody’s comments about eyes on the last post?  My God, you’re all just perfect little perfections, I died.)


  1. Yeah, you're right, it's good to spend time with best friends at your place :)
    Thanks for a nice comment.

    Good blog, by the way.

  2. receiving letters or e-mails makes me all giddy and excited too. and I often feel that people will find me silly because of that... but honestly, I would like to exchange letters and thoughts with someone with the same mindset. Thank you for your comment ;)

  3. I checked your blog and I like it so much!
    Visit my blog and if u want, we can follow each other!

    have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. oh my gosh i love it when i have the same musical taste as someone - i could talk about my favourite bands/artists for hours! This actually sounds like a great idea, writing to people seems to have been lost in modern technology in which we only use 'lol' and 'k' to express our thoughts and feelings. I shall be sending you an e-mail asap :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  5. I love getting a real live letter in the mail! Lots better than crappy bills!

  6. anda, pues yo si que estoy celosa de que seas de Cali!! es un lugar que me muero de ganas por ir... y más por su clima!! aqui hace un frio... brrrr
    porcierto, lo de untar cartas en cafe es genial


  7. Getting letters in the mail is pretty up there on my list of 'delightful little things I love'. These look so cute, I love how you did them in coffee; I can imagine the scent would stick pretty strongly!

    <3 Shawna

  8. theres something about sending mail that i love! its kind of the same feeling when i read papers!

    Glass of Fashion

  9. love it!!!


  10. You dipped them in coffee? Wow what an inspiring idea, because not only does it look good, but imagine receiving a letter with a lovely coffee scent while reading it! That really sounds like the perfect thing at the moment.

    ♥ from the NaNa girls x

  11. I LOVE writing and receiving letters =) it's kinda old fashion but sometimes I still do it

  12. I love this. I never thought I'd be saying this in public but... will you be my pen pal? Now I'm gonna just assume you said yes.

    Drea xo

    1. You bet your bottom dollar I'll be your pen pal! This has made my day, completely.

  13. Oh, this is such a lovely idea!
    I'd love to receive letters in the mail, other than the usual bank statements and junk mail.
    The only thing is that I live in England, what do you think the postage costs would be?

    Ciara xx

  14. you have such an inspired blog I just cannot keep scrolling down the page <3



  15. Receiving letters in the mail is probably my most favourite thing.



Thank you, pal.