07 February, 2012

When I’m Small

I’d say that one of the pros of having siblings that are much younger than you, apart from living vicariously through their outfits, is being able to re-live the things that you used to do as a child.  Better yet, being able to teach them the things that you never got to do.  In this case, tea time.

We took Casey to the Disney store for the first time and after regaining composure and my balance, I let go of Casey’s hand, and she ran straight for the Disney Princess tea set.  We all thought it was adorable, so we got them for her.

I giggled like a giddy school girl as she blasted through our front door and ripped the packaging to shreds, wanting to use it right now.  “We need to open it NOW, it’s tea time NOW, we’re going to have TEA, because we’re PRINCESSES.”

Figuring that making tea or even hot chocolate would probably be dangerous (or some other responsible parent tendency), we used Cranberry juice.  And we sat around a tiny foldable table and drank tea and gossiped just like we saw the Mexican moms do at get-togethers.  “Escuchaste que Alicia se volvio a casar?  Pobre la María, ya todos sus hijos van a la misma escuela.  Tengo que planchar y lavar todos los días para mis hijos!

And we indeed felt like princesses.  Low-quality, gossipy princesses.


  1. These photos are just too cute, adorable tea-set <3

  2. thankyou for your lovely comment! and ooohmygood i love that tea set!

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  4. Such a sweet post and an adorable tea set.♥

  5. Haha :) tea parties are the best :)

  6. This is adorable.

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  7. So pretty! Such fun photos! The tea party is too cute!

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  8. hahaha too cute


  9. aww this is so cute, i want that tea set

  10. awesome! I love tea parties :D

  11. This is SO sweet - the Mexican gossiping is so funny :)
    I'm following your blog!

    xx, Susann

  12. These photos are absolutely adorable! I'm so envious that you get to do things like this. I wish I lived nearer to my little niece, because trust me... i'd do this in an instant haha.

    <3 Shawna


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