27 March, 2012

Black and White

In a desperate attempt to make my computer just a bit less slower, I tried to wipe as much off the memory on the hard drive as possible, starting by erasing the millions of pictures I’ve saved over the past few years.  Past the flings at “art” I made in Microsoft Paint and all the embarrassing self-portraits, I noticed I had a strange collection of Black-and-White pictures I have not a single clue where I found…  but I was glad I saved them somehow.

I do want to erase as many pictures as I can, because they’re of no use, but I didn’t want to let these go, so I think I’ll let them be kept safe in this nice little corner of the internet.

Black and white pictures, you were obviously important at some point, because I wanted to save you in my computer (except for Macca pictures, those were obviously there because I love you), and I don’t want to let go of you completely.  You can stay here.  I’ll come visit once in a while, maybe you’ll remind me of some sort of happiness.

Naturally, there’s a lot of Beatles and Parisian cafes.

1. Couple / 2. Seriously does anyone know who this model is? / 3. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire / 4. Couple / 5. Elvis Presley / 6. Claude Monet in his garden at Giverny / 7. Francisco (???) / 8. Couple / 9. Christ, I enjoy to torture myself / 10. Couple on a boat / 11. I give up (you guessed it—couple) / 12. Ummm…  band room. / 13. Anna Karina and Jean Luc-Godard / 14. The Beatles / 15. Paul and John / 16. George, John, and Paul has no idea. / 17. John and Paul, sittin’ in a studio, s-i-n-g-i-n-g / 18. Paul and Jane Asher / 19. Young dancers showing them ole goots how it’s done / 20. Ballerinas looking sad :’(((((( / 21. Hippies at a protest / 22. Young model showcasing a fashion collection / 23. Parisians at a cafe / 24. Snap, even more Parisians at a cafe / 25. Someone with fanTAStic hair at a Parisian cafe / 26. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire / 27. Sarah Whitney from Pandora’s Box / 28. Cool cats at a roller derby / 29. John F. Kennedy was a dreamboat / 30. Paul ruining my life / 31. George pretending to be mediocre, but actually being perfect. / 32. Une Femme Est Une Femme / 33. Beastie Boys


  1. Black and White pictures are just so magical :) xx

  2. These pictures are simply lovely :)
    I wish life was still like that. Any of those eras.
    Thank you for sharing them!


  3. What a lovely post! It's funny, I find I get attached to images and for some reason I get really sad at the thought of deleting them off of my computer!

  4. love these pictures, that have such a cool vintage feel to them

  5. Oh, I love black and white. The prettiest pictures are in black and white, there's no doubt. Incredibly cute couples. Anna Karina is by the way the most gorgeous woman I know of.
    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. How could you understand what I had written?

    1. The second post on your home page said "fra bok til film", and I assumed that meant "from book to film", and then I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy on the first post and I went "Oooh! I know that book! And it was turned into a movie, too!"

      And thank you for your comment! :)

  6. Wow- smooching and snogging defo look more glamours in black and white.Rx

  7. loving all of these photos... I totally do the same thing when it comes to deleting files, I make posts out of them ha.. mainly images like these, movies, quotes, fashion or just inspirational.. it's amazing how one photo can take you to places, make you feel different things or simply put a smile or tear on your face.. I experienced a lot of things looking at these right now... awesome post!

  8. This has gotta be one of my favourite blog posts ever.



Thank you, pal.