03 March, 2012

If You Knew Me At All, You’d Know The Size of My Hand


As I begun to write this post, adding the pictures, it started to rain heavily outside my window.  The sound was nearly deafening, and my racing heart couldn’t compete with it.  I took hold of the opportunity and allowed the pounding against the glass drown out my sobs.

This had been sitting in my drafts folder for a while, and I don’t know why it is that I wrote what I did there a few days ago.

I think just looking at the pictures of my little sister was making me sad.  Another one of those moments I constantly get, the sad “Life is truly as quick as the jerks who constantly want to remind you say it is” realizations.

And trust me, I know how everyone rolls their eyes at pictures of children (I understand you think your child is adorable, so is every other out there), but I thought she looked much older and it was actually quite fun taking pictures of her, and hearing her ideas on how she wanted the pictures to come out.

Also, that’s the full view of how my headband turned out!  I think it looks okay for my first try!

Children, man.  You hate them, but sometimes they’re cool.


  1. Sometimes they are, but I really hate parents who think everyone cares about their children.



    1. Exactly my point-- I was iffy about posting the pictures because I literally "EUUUGGHHHH" when there are 50+ pictures of babies on my dashboard, but I swear, it's once!

  2. she seems so sweet...i can never say the same about my own little sisters haha. i just worry for parents who constantly takes pics of their kids 24/7. i mean i guess its great that you're recording every memories but more time should be invested in creating them not just recording!

  3. ugh aren't those ppl the worst?! i've had to hide and delete most of the parents on facebook. don't they know they are not the first person to ever have a baby? and no, we're not bitter b/c you have a baby and we're jealous, we're annoyed that you think your baby's first poop is some kind of earth shattering event. don't care and certainly don't want to hear about it.

    btw your little sis is adorable! sisters are different, i love sister photos. mine is nowhere near as young as yours, but she is my favorite person to take photos of. and she hates me for it. :P

    1. Oh my gosh, I know, people who have kids *and* a Facebook account? "lol Julie ate spaghetti and made a mess" "yay, sofie's potty trained" "max plays football like his daddy!"

      Ha ha ha. Sheesh.

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I love your first attempt at making that headband!
    Super Cute! The first time I tried doing that...well chaos struck...
    Parents and their obsession to showcase their children ugh >.<
    Btw: your sis is adorable sometimes there's exceptions.


  6. Awwww, SHE IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! and you did an amazing job with the head band, you should be proud of yourself.

  7. Hehehe, this is cute :) And I think I understand, even though I'm the youngest in my family, it's strange to... get older and grow up and well... it goes so fast! :o

    Your sister and your headband are awesome :)

  8. I probably don't agree with any of the commenters above, hahaha!! When I had my boy FB didn't exist, but I did took photos of what I thought it was memorable back then (I do it too, now; but he's so big that sometimes he refuses taking photos). When you realize how fast time passes, and the time when your kid was a baby, and how you miss that (especially when they are 11 years old, growing moustache and behaving like a teenager), you go back and look all those pretty little photos you took.

    Your sister is adorable, and there is no difference between sisters and daughters (like one of the comments above implies), kids are kids no matter their roles, because your sister is someone's daughter, if you understand what I mean ;D
    I understand, that populating a blog (that's not about kids) with your kid's photos can be a little too much for some people who are not interested in them (I don't do it and never did), but most of the times, parents criteria is not the same as others, when it comes to photos.

  9. What a beautiful little girl! Beautiful headband too :) xo

  10. Children are sooo adorable and say the funniest things... She is very cute... I actually make hair accessories as a hobby you can find them at my Etsy link below... I like your blog and so shall be following you!



  11. I think they're really cool sometimes! As I get older I find that I'm more and more surprised at how profound some of the things kids say can be. They're so much more honest and uninhibited than us! Anyway, she's beautiful and so is the headband :)


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