12 March, 2012

A Playlist—Music For Dangling Your Feet Off a Balcony


In my attempt to become a more exciting version of myself, I attended a Swap Meet for the first “real” time, if you will, this past weekend, and I’ve found that Swap Meets might just be my most favorite things in the world?  Not only are the people there fantastic, and you can get unlimited Tostilocos and tacos for the lowest price you could possibly think of, but there’s so much to see, and so many different booths with different things.  I got a ridiculous amount of lipsticks, and I was almost completely convinced into buying a vintage telephone for fifteen bucks, but it was too heavy, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to carry it around all day.

The best buy I got, though, was the one thing I’ve been searching for for two years now—Lolita sunglasses.  I know everyone and their mother has a pair already, but with so many missed opportunities, I was desperate.  And then I finally saw them, just sitting there under a FOR SALE sign, I had to.  I almost sprinted towards the spot where they were sitting.

Naturally, I haven’t been able to get them off since, and a couple of days ago, I took a nap outside inside our trampoline, under a multitude of blankets, looking at the sky through tinted glasses, and it felt so much like summer, I cried myself back into another nap.  I’ve been fixing myself lemonades, too, so the amount of summer-related, aesthetically-pleasing things I’ve been doing lately, combined with California’s perfect weather, I had to make this playlist, to listen to when I’m frying under the sun in lazy braids when it’s really summer.

If the weather’s nice where you’re at, go put on those bejeweled flip-flops you haven’t worn in years and attempt to make your own lemonade and just sit outside.  Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a porch or a backyard, just go outside, somewhere, anywhere, and lay in the sun!


  1. A Swap Meet sounds like a really fun thing to do, I would love it if there was something like that happening in my area.
    We had some lovely sunshine in London over the weekend but then I woke up this morning and there was fog! Crazy thick fog too!

  2. Love this post! You've made me fall back in love with Best Coast's "When I'm with You".
    A Swap meet sounds like such a fun thing to do! Wish there was stuff like that in England. Ahh, love the playlist so, so much haha.

  3. What a nice music mix and lovely image too! I totally understand the Lolita glasses and that you have to have them at least once. I got a pair in 2004 that were magenta and super sleek. Sadly, I lost them. I am the most horrible keeper of sunglasses ever! And man swap meets were all I went to when I was a kid. I didn't even know there were real markets with new clothes until I was like 14 haha. I love the food at swap meats too, yum! Did you have elotes and raspados?

  4. Lovely post! I really loved the music♥ xx

  5. Swap.... Meet?? Sounds good! Having Lolita glasses is a must. But mine are black, pretty sweet but not exactly the real deal.

    - Sóley
    we are purple

  6. I think you are just great the way you are!
    Don't really change that much eh ;)


  7. this playlist makes me so happy. devil in a new dress, YES. xx

    and i feel the same way about lolita sunglasses, i know they're played out but they just make everything seem so much more cheerful!

  8. I love your blog, going to have a listen to this playlist soon x


  9. I'm obsess by this movie and the book!!!


  10. Sounds like you had fun at the swap meet :) hope you're enjoying your sunnies, can't wait for warmer weather to come about so I can by myself a pair of ray bans and just never ever take them off, tehe. x

  11. lolita sunglasses! that's so awesome, can't wait to see some photos :D

  12. I do love swap meets myself. Congrats on the Lolitas. I used to have a pair myself, but it got lost in the move so now I'm searching far and wide for some. I absolutely love this playlist! Best Coast is perfect for summery moods.

  13. *Sigh* another wonderful post, and I'm loving the playlist.... and I anvy you for your lolita sunglasses. Mine broke last summer :c

    PS: I made the little animation thingy using a software called Jasc, but there are online sites that do the same thing, and its really easy http://picasion.com/ ^^

    x L

  14. Yeeah, Lolita sunglasses are awesome, I have a green pair... that a friend stole for me in NYC in 2010. 0__0 Disclaimer: I didn't make him steal them. I've been watching a light pink pair on e-bay for a while now, once I sell a few more of my things, I'm going to buy them. EVEN, if winter is approaching, it's all good, the UV Index still reaches its maximum in the cooler months here, so protecting one's eyes is always important. I personally despise summer though, so I'm ecstatic that it's over now.


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