30 October, 2012

How To Go To A Concert (Also, The Two Door Cinema Club Concert)


I lost my concert-attending virginity at exactly 7:38 p.m. on the Friday of October 26th, 2012.  Just last Friday.  I am no longer a concert virgin, if you will.  The morning after, when we were both fully conscious, my sister and I argued whether I actually lost it the second I stepped into the venue, but I think it was official when the opening band started playing.

See, adorable junior-in-high-school Jessica really wanted to go to a Two Door Cinema Club concert last winter.  She really did.  She cried with excitement.  She didn’t know when was the last time she cried over excitement, but she didn’t think it possible until it happened to her.  I mean, she was about to lose her concert virginity to Two Door Cinema Club at the House of Blues.  Anyway, she called three days too late, and it was sold out, and she hated herself for two weeks after.

Of course, a true miracle happened, in the spirit of this hellish extended summer, where I got all the grades necessary (this is still how deals are made apparently?) and purchased tickets about three months in advance.  When I printed them, and they were physically in my hands, I couldn’t stop holding them.  I, like, sniffed them.  They didn’t smell like tickets (duh, ‘cause I printed them) but they looked like them and they had my last name on them and they said TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB | OCTOBER 26TH, 2012 | SOMA SAN DIEGO and I stared at them and I got a little bit of teardrop on one of them.

Look at my cute, naive outfit of choice from the night before!  I am adorable, really.  I mean, I busted out tights.  And a sweater.  And a skirt.  I mean.  I mean.  Luckily, my friend, my namesake, Jessica J., straightened me out, telling me that it was going to be literally five-hundred-and-thirty-two degrees inside, so I should just wear shorts and a t-shirt.  And, guys…  it is so hard…  to watch a pretty outfit go… and replace it… with denim shorts… a striped t-shirt…and tennis shoes…

I think the best part about the hours leading up to the concert was when we stopped at the In-N-Out down the street (you bet I’ll never stop rubbing in the fact that I’m always no more than five minutes away from an In-N-Out) and I spotted a boy in a Chambray shirt, a beanie, and gauges, walking with another boy with those jackets that look like ponchos (?), and I told Jessica (not me speaking in third person, my BFFFFFFFFF Jessica) “God, they’re walking to the concert?” and my sister—she’s so adorable—said: “How do you know they’re going to the concert?” and Jessica and I both whipped our heads and raised and eyebrow and called her a sweet, sweet child.

Also, my first time at a concert was stained.  I cut in line.  At the very front.  Where two other friends were waiting and they let us cut.  At the front of the line.  And bless the people already there, they didn’t beat us up.

They had two opening bands (I didn’t know this was a thing? I’m such a toddler): Bad Veins and Friends (gosh, guys, listen to ‘A Thing Like This’, live, it was the best) and combined, they were like an hour and half, or something of the sort.

I think this is a pretty nice segue to (because I am an expert, I’ve attended one concert, in a tiny venue):
by Jessica Sandoval
  1. It is most likely going to get hot if it’s an enclosed space.  Even if it’s in the middle of the winter.  Even if it’s Hurricane Sandy right outside (that is a joke please button up don’t go outside it is dangerous don’t do it)—wear shorts.  Or a skirt, even, if you’d like. Jeans will make you sweat and stick to your legs, as will tights, most likely.  I am so glad I didn’t wear the tights and skirt.
  2. Do not, for the love of God, bring a bag.  I made this stupid mistake.  My friends warned me, too!  I thought I needed it for my wallet and my phone and, like, my lipstick.  Jesus Christ.  My friend Jessica stuck her money in her shoe and carried her phone or put it in her breast pocket.  I, on the other hand, kept hitting people with my bag, or kept having it thud against my leg when I jumped.  For the love of all things holy, just carry your phone in your hand and stick your money in your shoe/pocket/bra/hair.  You do not, in fact, need anything else.
  3. Drink water before.  But not so much you need to pee during the concert.  Before the concert even started, I panicked and asked Jessica, like, five times whether she thought we might get dehydrated and passed out.  She got so tired of hearing it she said “We might. We’ll be fine.” and I panicked but my throat didn’t get dry and the security guards had water bottles at the front that they kept tossing at as, they were total sweethearts.  Anyway, don’t get dehydrated, but pee right before.
  4. Bring an extra hair tie.  Or two.
  5. Don’t be the asshat that starts pushing everyone around.  Kids got kicked out of the show ‘cause they started a “wave” in the back and caused a Domino effect that made people fall over and push all the way to the front.
  6. Apparently, try to bring earplugs.  On the car ride home, Jessica’s father told us that the loud boom of the speakers was dangerous for our hearing, and because we’re dumb there’s , like, 60% more chance that we’re going to go deaf by 25.  Not really, but you won’t look stupid, you’ll hear the music just the same, and you won’t have an annoying ringing in your ears that night when your ear gets close to the pillow.
  7. If it’s a standing concert, don’t lose your friend.  I was pressed against the railing, at the way front, and when those idiots started pushing again, I somehow was standing right behind my friend Jessica.  It was unfair, but, seriously, I’m 4’11, I could get lost for days in between all those people, don’t die, place a tracking device in your friend’s ear, and you’ll be okay.
  8. If you don’t want to be in the way back, don’t get there an hour before the show starts!!!!!!!!!!1111! Be like my friends, the pioneers, who got there seven hours before.

Two Door Cinema Club came on at 8:46 p.m. (ahem) and I screeched like I never have before.  Two Door Cinema Club is my favorite band (or at least, is so far), and last year I swore I couldn’t possibly die without having seeing them live.  I also swore the same with Bon Iver…but…we know… how that turned… out…  For weeks leading up to the concert, I kept fawning over the thought of just SEEING them.  In front of me.  Less than a few meters away from me.

And they were, Lord Jesus, they were.

I mentioned I was at the way front, right?  Alex was positioned in the middle, Sam was at the far left, and Kevin was at the far right, right in front of me.  He looked…  adorable.  And, dare I say it, looked into our general direction, like, ten times the entire show.

They played eighteen songs, both from Tourist History and Beacon, and came out for an encore, and I kept jumping around, and I even threw an arm in the air, and I screamed all the lyrics, and I fell in love with this kid who kept closing his eyes and whispering the lyrics to himself, and his hair was in that beautiful way where it swoops up at the front, and, wow, it was just the perfect first concert.

I plan on going to a Two Door Cinema Club concert every day for the rest of my life.  Every day.  And, gosh, now that I know anything is possible, I am going to an obnoxious amount of concerts now.

Hurray for my concert!

THINGS TO DO IN SAN DIEGO: If you live in San Diego (shoutout! or something! tell me!) or in Southern California or plan to visit San Diego sometime, you should plan to go to SOMA—it’s next to the Sports Arena, it’s much bigger than I thought, and concerts are, apparently, the greatest fun in the entire world.  Also, my ticket was only $23, and I almost fell out of my seat.


  1. omg this is way too cute, congrats for attending your first concert!!! it's magical isn't it? when you saw your fav band and the lights and everything, and your outfit omg reminded me the time when i went to see this band that i loved so much "mago de oz" which a metal band and when everyone was wearing black,and t-shirts of the band, i went with my top that said "i'm a fashion victim"

    1. Oh GOSH don't get me started on the lights the lights, like, they seem so simple and such a minor, almost invisible part, but they add to it so well, I screeched every time they flashed the lights or did that cool glittery effect with the many lightbulbs, it was the BEST. Also, now I really want to go to a metal band concert!

  2. you are so cute. i went to my 1st real concert when i was 17 or 18. i saw brand new at a real shit place. i stupidly wore flip-flops (WAT?!?!), almost broke a few toes b/c they got jumped and smashed on. and then we all got kicked out of the club b/c it was passed curfew. (WAT?!?!) but my god, it was fun. there is nothing more in the world i love than seeing my favorite band play live. i mean it. if somehow i could be paid to go to shows, i would do it. for the rest of my life. i used to go to at least 2 or 3 a month when i was younger. but now i'm an old lady. so enjoy it while you can! go to as many shows as you can. it's a blast. i've seen eisley so many times i've lost count. it's prbly somewhere between 15-20 times. and they never get old. i'm so glad you had a good time. i've heard of two door cinema club, but have never given them a listen. think i'm gonna have to now.

    1. Oh, friend, please do listen to Two Door Cinema Club! I understand they may not be the band for everyone, but they put me in such a happy mood, and, for some reason, it fuels me with desire to just do things! Also, this is such a good rule to add to the list: don't wear flip flops, especially because this reminds me that the poor girl standing behind me wore flip flops, and I definitely stepped on her toes. I was that asshat, unfortunately.

      I will definitely take advantage of the time I have now, thank you!

    2. Sorry to jump in, but I was at a muddy, messy festival this summer and there was a guy wearing flip flops in the midst of angry moshing teenagers and knee deep mud. Wouldn't have liked to seen the state of his feet when he got home, ew.

    3. i gave 'em a quick listen. i like 'em! the guitar tones remind me of foals.

  3. Aw this post is the best. My first concert was the Arctic Monkeys, oh man it was incredible but I think I broke at least 3 of those rules! And Two Door Cinema Club is so good, so jealous that you got to see them, I think they look amazing live.
    Oh your outfit is so pretty as well!

    I'm seeing the Vaccines next month so I am going to follow your expert advice, I'll report back! xxx

  4. I don't know for sure when I lost my concert virginity. Was it at my first band concert in 4th grade? Or when I went to a garage show in high school? Or the protest that had live music? Or maybe it only counts when you pay for tickets for a rock show?

    Anyway, I understand your excitement. In December I'm going to see one of my favorite bands..for the 4th time, and I'm just as ecstatic about it as I was every other time.

  5. YOUR ROOM IS LOVELY! And I'm glad you're posting again. ♥

  6. Congratulations! :) I loved this post!
    I remember my first concert 3 years ago, it was All Time Low and they featured We the Kings, The Friday Night Boys, and Hey Monday (and I didn't even know!). I agree with you, no matter how cold it is (it was in January) DON'T wear warm clothing haha, you will turn into a sweat machine!

  7. I hope to go to my first concert soon, too! And I will follow your guide, Jessica ;)


  8. Aww, this is so well written, as always. I can tell how excited you were to be there. My first concert, well... technically was when I was like 8, I went to this concert with my mum. A greek singer who came to Melbourne.. so lame. My first 'proper' concert was at the age of 15, The Strokes, aah, it was amazing.

  9. Gorgeous post and such lovely photos. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I am following you now, your blog is so charming x



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