13 January, 2013

Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes


My name is Jessica Samantha.  And I'm a "What's In My Bag"-type posts addict.

I think it's because you can tell a lot about a person from what they carry around in their bags?  Maybe it's because I live with myself, but I don't think the contents of my bag fully represent what my personal life looks like.  Which is actually not very good evidence for my original theory, but, yaknow.

My favorite posts are the ones from those manic pixie girls on Tumblr, or the artists and poets.  Those people are all over the place, so to see their cute pictures of organized stuff they find important to have with them at all times-- I want to be friends with all of these kids.

I'm still reading The Secret History by Donna Tart, but I'm still trying to refocus my energy into productivity, so I'll get there.  I carry a tin box that I bought in a gift shop on top of Mont. Saint Michel in France, and in there is my secret stash of candy.  Currently I have a bag of Everlasting Gobstopper's.

I have an unfortunate obsession with lip balm and lipsticks.  I abhor lip gloss, so what I'm missing in lipgloss, I hoard lipstick.  Lipstick lipstick lipstick.  Just look at the word, it's so fancy.  I have three different tins of Rose and Strawberry lip salve, I'm kind of worried for myself.

Ah.  So organized.

12 January, 2013

Luces de Bengala

luces de bengala


Everything that could have been said about this New Year has, obviously, already been said.  A lot of people don't like setting resolutions because they think it is hopeless.  A lot of other people think that they only way they're going to get things done is by setting goals for themselves, promising they'll be more fit or quit smoking.  I personally believe that this new year is a nice, healthy incentive to start my own personal resolution for 2013:  start making more goals.

I don't promise myself that I'll be fitter, or I'll stop eating chocolate (that...  I just laughed out loud thinking about such a thing), but I do promise that I'll start setting goals for myself.  I will meet them and I will create new ones for myself.  I believe this cycle will help me become a more fulfilled, self-appreciating person.

That's my only promise to myself.  I know if I promise various, more specific things, I will become upset once I don't meet them.

Also, sometimes I like to think I'm a talented video editor:

This is secretly one of my secretly secret goals-- I plan to document my life a bit more this year, with pictures and film.  If it turns out to be ugly and non-aesthetically-pleasing, well I'll know in my heart that I tried.