12 January, 2013

Luces de Bengala

luces de bengala


Everything that could have been said about this New Year has, obviously, already been said.  A lot of people don't like setting resolutions because they think it is hopeless.  A lot of other people think that they only way they're going to get things done is by setting goals for themselves, promising they'll be more fit or quit smoking.  I personally believe that this new year is a nice, healthy incentive to start my own personal resolution for 2013:  start making more goals.

I don't promise myself that I'll be fitter, or I'll stop eating chocolate (that...  I just laughed out loud thinking about such a thing), but I do promise that I'll start setting goals for myself.  I will meet them and I will create new ones for myself.  I believe this cycle will help me become a more fulfilled, self-appreciating person.

That's my only promise to myself.  I know if I promise various, more specific things, I will become upset once I don't meet them.

Also, sometimes I like to think I'm a talented video editor:

This is secretly one of my secretly secret goals-- I plan to document my life a bit more this year, with pictures and film.  If it turns out to be ugly and non-aesthetically-pleasing, well I'll know in my heart that I tried.


  1. The video is so adorable! And documenting your life in short movies it's a splendid idea - can't wait to see more :)

    By the way, can you tell me what editor did you use in order to make the video? Was it hard to use?

    Hugs and kisses,
    Julls xx

    1. Just modest ole' iMovie! It was kinda challenging at first (since I'm barely getting the hang of using a Mac in the first place), but it's pretty similar to Windows Movie Maker! I like it very very much! (One day, one day I will be X Cut Pro master!!!)

  2. Cute videos! Do take more video and photos, and post them here for us :) Good luck with the goalsetting too. I get why people make/don't make resolutions. I decided to think of resolutions this year as more "concepts" to be followed, a way of living my life instead of things to check off a list.

    1. Oh gosh, that's good! "Concepts"-- exactly! I just need to learn to, once I find a lifestyle I like, stick with it!

  3. I've seen all of your videos, I really like them

  4. Good luck with the new year, and keep at the video-documetaries :)

  5. I'm the same, and always set some goals rather than resolutions. heres to a job after graduation, to moving out, to blogging more and to having a white christmas in nyc. good luck with the pictures and video. cant wait to see it all.

    Samantha Jayne | Wallflower Jane | Recent Post

  6. Que bonito blog. <3
    Muy feliz año nuevo linda. :)
    Un saludo desde México.

  7. I think documenting your life in 2013 would be amazing! And I think of resolutions such as goals too. Many people don't tend to follow resolutions but goals, they do!

  8. Very Cool, Thanks for the Inspo- Just followed Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com


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