13 January, 2013

Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes


My name is Jessica Samantha.  And I'm a "What's In My Bag"-type posts addict.

I think it's because you can tell a lot about a person from what they carry around in their bags?  Maybe it's because I live with myself, but I don't think the contents of my bag fully represent what my personal life looks like.  Which is actually not very good evidence for my original theory, but, yaknow.

My favorite posts are the ones from those manic pixie girls on Tumblr, or the artists and poets.  Those people are all over the place, so to see their cute pictures of organized stuff they find important to have with them at all times-- I want to be friends with all of these kids.

I'm still reading The Secret History by Donna Tart, but I'm still trying to refocus my energy into productivity, so I'll get there.  I carry a tin box that I bought in a gift shop on top of Mont. Saint Michel in France, and in there is my secret stash of candy.  Currently I have a bag of Everlasting Gobstopper's.

I have an unfortunate obsession with lip balm and lipsticks.  I abhor lip gloss, so what I'm missing in lipgloss, I hoard lipstick.  Lipstick lipstick lipstick.  Just look at the word, it's so fancy.  I have three different tins of Rose and Strawberry lip salve, I'm kind of worried for myself.

Ah.  So organized.


  1. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)


  2. I also do like very much that kind of posts. And YES, I think that what you carry in your bag says a lot 'bout you. I hate lip gloss too

  3. Nice bag! I love this style of posts as well :)

  4. cute bag!
    i love these types of posts :D

  5. I Love What's In My Bag posts! You have pretty much all the essentials a girl needs :) xx

  6. I'm your 400th follower jess :) Yay! I'm a lip balm hoarder :( I love the gorgeous floral prints on your purse, cream and salve :)

  7. Ah man, how pretty the contents of your bag is! I can't help but feel that a true representation of my bag would look absolutely rubbish. A big bulky laptop, a couple of highlighters, a charger overpowering the few 'pretty' things. Your post is a good reminder to be more streamlined carry less! If anything for the sake of back health..

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog darling. and i really enjoyed this post. but i too, am a love of what's in my bag blogposts and youtube videos. i am intrigued by the title of the book you are currently reading and may have to order it on amazon - of course AFTER i am finished with all the papers i have to write for university which are currently weighing down on my head! i am a bit of the opposite. i wear tons of lipsticks but my lip glosses sort of just sit in a drawer aging and collecting dust. i saw in your last post that you will be trying to photograph and film more. that is also my goal for this new year. good luck with it!

    xx rae

  9. your bag is beautiful beautiful beautiful! I am a 'whats in your bag post' lover too! I just love being nosy and seeing what everyone else carries around! xx

  10. I too am a 'what's in my bag' addict! I love your bag especially, it is gorgeous! I hope you will take a look at my blog! Angelina xx

  11. ooo i'd love to see what's in a writer or artists bag, i bet they have some interesting things. i liked your contents too! i always carry around a book :)

  12. I love seeing what's in people's bags, but I'm afraid what's in my bag wouldn't say much about me... I'm basically a wallet-phone-keys and go person, haha.

  13. Aww your bag (and contents) are so cute! Everything's so cute and organised :) xo


  14. That is one of my favourite books! I hope you are enjoying it!


Thank you, pal.