16 February, 2013

Get Out



I sometimes go on worrisome spurts of joy which make me dizzy.  I was inspecting my nails and then I realized how pretty they looked in the dark, with only my string of lights hanging by my window shining on them.  I was so overwhelmed by my appreciation of my clean nails that I decided to love everything.  I was so happy to love my friends and to love the pair of shoes next to my bed which I've had since I was a freshman and still fit me.  I was so happy to love the kind people of the world and to love the amounts of chocolate I would be eating next week.  I was so happy to love the way my hair curled after taking a shower and how much I had been reading recently.

I suddenly felt very deep and I told myself: "Some people say that happiness is exhausting and too hard, which is why they feel like falling into sadness is much easier, but I disagree, happiness is so easy if you try!"

I tiptoed to my door and creaked it open and looked out into our hallway and heard the peaceful chorus of four sleeping people snoring and it made me smile a teensy weensy until I remembered why I got out of bed in the first place: I really wanted to tell my little sister I loved her.

But she was asleep.  I couldn't!  How could I let her know that I love her ever again without meaning it as much as I did right now, when I am so happy!?

So now I'm in my room and it's really dark and the snores coming from outside now feel like taunts and I'm scared to sleep.


  1. as long as there's no snores coming from underneath your bed or inside your closet, hopefully you're safe to dream.

    1. Oh my Godthere goes my night. I'm going to embroider this on a pillow.

  2. I wouldn't be afraid, I feel like she'll understand once she reads this little love note

  3. This is beautiful, always love yourself and appreciate all life has to offer. Have a great week Jessica! xx

  4. ach winter can be such a bummer sometime.

  5. Love the gorgeous skies in the first shot.

    Christie x

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