07 August, 2013

Look After Me And I Will Look After You



Being content is so nice.  Catching yourself being content is nicer.

I was going to follow that thought with a pessimistic one about how being sad "sucks", but that would have sucked the impetus of what I'm trying to bring across.

You can frame your life however you like.  Even when unexpected things out of your control occur, you can choose how you'll react.  You can incorporate and remove things.

You can make your life pretty if you want.  Why wouldn't you try, if you can?  Even if your everyday isn't rose-tinted, trying to make it come alive isn't narcissistic.  Decorate your surroundings and leave a mark, even if it's a tiny one.  Live in your body and be nice to it.  If you're able to, choose to be okay.

It's seventeen days until I'm not seventeen anymore.  It's twenty-three days until I leave San Diego and move across the country to start college.  I'm not nervous at all, which makes me nervous.  I'm not sure whether to be fretting, and over what.  But I'm holding on this confidence-- I used to get so incredibly worked up over small things, waiting in paralyzing anticipation for them to arrive, only to have them come and go, and forgotten two days afterwards.  When I leave, I will have left, and school will start, and I probably won't think about it.  Because life continues to happen.  And new good things will appear.  Try to choose to be okay.