09 October, 2013

My Dorm Room

dorm room dorm room dorm room dorm room dorm room dorm room dorm room dorm room


This whole first month I've been in college I have: received the news that I had an appendicitis and had to be rushed in the emergency room at midnight on a Wednesday, pulled my first successful all-nighter, been on the subway by myself, used a credit card for the first time, and worn black every single day.

I'm still recovering from my surgery, which was literally the randomest thing that could have happened out of nowhere--that's like, not even the wrong use of random, where you say "Ha ha, I'm so random, I like eggs, random ha RANDOM", I mean, I'm just, you know, sitting in my dorm room, when I get an incredible ache in my stomach, and then proceed to vomit for the next two hours, then decide I might as well go to the hospital, where I vomit for ten hours straight, then get a CAT scan (which I never had done before, hollatchugurl for all her firsts this month) which told the doctors that my appendix could probably kill me if not removed, and then I got so nervous and hyperventilate-y that both my hands and my face became paralyzed, and each time a doctor handed me a pen to sign some document I was not about to read in my drug-induced state, it fell right out of my hands.

It's been a good month.

On the bright side, I love being able to rest in my dorm room.  My incessant need to keep everything clean at all times has served me well.


  1. oh no! i hope you feel better. sorry to hear you have to start college off like that!

  2. oh no! i am so glad youre doing okay now. your room looks so cool by the way.


  3. god, how bad! well, lucky you that now everything is okay...
    and, oohhhh! lovely photo of you and your sisters!

  4. Glad you made it through! Your petite space looks serene, and I am admiring the little brown bag. :)


Thank you, pal.