17 February, 2017

On Growing Up


Every day, I think about aging. At sporadic times: I'll be washing dishes, parking my car, getting ready for bed. I just turned twenty-one, but I feel like I've grown up in a bubble that has enabled me to be child-like.  I have a youthful face, and I'm hardly five feet tall.  I have a very high-pitched voice.  Whenever I meet someone new, our exchanges always have this block of dialogue:

"How old are you?"
"I'm twenty-one."
"What! Ohohoho, I thought you were fourteen, fifteen!"
"Ha ha, I get that often!"
"Are you sure you're twenty-one?"

My seventeen-year-old sister is watching Skins right now.  I watched that show myself when I was fifteen and a sophomore in high school.  I feel older, and I hate feeling that, because I hated hearing adults say Time goes by so quicky! when I was a kid.

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